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Where to start?
Welcome to www.flatmattersonline.com, a new chapter unfolds, the blogspot era comes to an end. The time was right for a new look, a more cleaner design. Thanks to Simon Shorten at www.seventy1st.co.uk for all his help setting up the site.

The majority of the site is finished, in terms of posts (its unfinished), from the transfer of all the posts over the last two and half years, throughout the last two weeks I have been reposting each post to correct spacing, and get rid of the blogger codes and spacing errors. So… this will take some time, I post a lot! As I always say… flatland waits for no one. Someone out there is progressing, and documenting. So bare with me, I will be sifting through each post gradually over the next few months. There is already talk of a flatmatters launch jam in the UK, so if your in the UK keep your eyes open for the details on that shortly..

To document, share and progress.

Hope you all enjoy the new chapter!

Effraim Catlow- Flatmatters!

Monday 16th May 2011.

16 thoughts on “Welcome to flatmattersonline.com

  1. Easier to comment E ,great work ,only could not find a delete comment function ? just in case i need to re write etc .

  2. I guess I do that Howard, learning as I go here! Does seem a lot easier already, and the quality of posting is way better than the blogspot capabilities.

  3. You can’t delete your own comment as you don’t have an ‘account’ it’s just simply email address and name asked of you.. Only admin have the power to delete comments.

  4. Nice work, E. Really appreciate all the hard work that you put in to running this blog….errrr, website.

    Liking that I don’t have to log in every time I want to comment. I’m guessing it’ll lead to more people commenting and conversing on things, good job!

  5. Gotta just say E like everyone else lovin this new site ,layout etc its awesome ,out with the old in with the new , nice one buddy 🙂

  6. Thank you everybody for the kind words! @Cunners- hope to ride with you again soon mate, always a good time!
    @prasheel- i hope people get involved- so much easier to comment, so no reason why not….
    @howard- was time for a change- clean look, and full website!

  7. simply awesome congrats bro…. i’ve been waiting for this move 🙂 FLATLAND FOE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come back to la and “ride again!!!”

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