Wheels & Finns Festival – Day 2


Day 2 here at the Wheels and Finns Festival in Joss Bay, Kent. It’s been a really long day for myself and Matti Hemmings, up at 6 am to resheet the flatland area. When we arrived on Friday, the floor was just one sheet thick on scaffolding board. When riders rode the floor, the floor would ripple as they rode.

Matti arranged to get some extra 16mm sheets to place underneath the existing top surface, after 4 long hours of solid work we managed to get two sheets on the area, with triple the amount of screws previously. And with the help of the workmen on site, we were able to jack up one end of the flatland area to improve how flat the area was. (see image below).


Riders slowly started to arrive from around 11am, with the Expert competition scheduled for a 1pm start. Jason Forde, TGM Maz, Seve Green, Remuis Simion were the first riders to arrive today, and after that the day seemed to flow by really fast.


A quick lunch at the top of the hill overlooking the cliff with myself and Matti, and we were recharged and ready to get Expert flatland started.


We ran a two run format, two two minute runs, best run counts. If you follow FM on instagram, you will have already seen Yinka Thomas won the Expert class followed by TGM Maz, and Johann Chan. Remuis Simon and Trevor Lacey just missing out on podium spots, the crowd were into it and seemed to grow as the day went on. Yinka will have a go in the pro class tomorrow just for the fun of it, awesome!

Enjoy the rest of the photographs, Pro is scheduled for tomorrow at 1pm.






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