White Friday!!!

Look, up in the sky!

Is It a bird!
Is it  a plane!
No It’s Super ’BMX’ man!
Faster than a streak of lightning,
More powerful than the pounding surf,
Mightier than a roaring hurricane,

I‘m like Superman baby!!

I go to work a smartly dressed upstanding member of society keeping my BMX alter ego a tight secret from all my work colleges. Only to quickly change into ‘Super BMX Freak’ when no one’s looking. Okay! I might not actually be able to fly, but I certainly have similarities to our lyrca clad super hero, going to all lengths trying to keep my true identity safe.
Why do I keep my real identity a secret? I mean it’s not as I’m gonna put the world in jeopardy is it? No..it’s because I can’t stand the stupid questions..that’s why.
Aren’t you too old for all that? Why do you do it? What do you get out of it? Don’t they make bigger bikes that you can do it on?
I bite my lip! And answer with some intellectual sounding Crap about how it satisfies my creative needs being both physically and mentally challenging. I reel off about facts about the history of BMX and how much it has influenced the cycling world. I tell them about the international scene and the global contests, I make this stuff sound good!
I walk away content with the bullshit I just come out with. But then, ask my self why! Why couldn’t I just tell em like it is………. BMX Loves me and I Love it right back!
I am BMX..I was raised by BMX! It’s nurtured me. Shaped me, and influences everything I do. It’s my sanctuary, My special place, My salvation. My everything I want it to be and more ……Why haven’t you got that in your empty life? That’s the truth…..SUCKERS!!

BMX makes me feel like Superman!!

8 thoughts on “White Friday!!!

  1. Good words James. Yeah, I guess only few out there will understand why we actually keep riding these little silly bikes in circles. And yes, sometimes it is better not to even try to give an excuse OR explanation. (I guess, those two things in this sense are same excuse or explanation.) HEH.
    Oh well, thanks for being right there doing what you do! Have a good weekend!

  2. When i read this weeks white friday, all i could think about is when someone sees you riding, and they ask you are doing, how do you explain flatland, has this happened to you, what did you say?
    Lets hear it…

  3. very nice words James, reading that just made my day for sure. I'm having fun telling people about BMX these days, i'm taking a speech class and decided i would take the opportunity to relate to BMX with all my topics… its awesome!

  4. This happens to me mainly by kids asking questions guess they are more curious than annoying but hey we were all young once .Explaining flatland in basic is fairly easy if you go in depth they get confused so i point them in the direction of you tube,Flatland Fuel etc.
    Once whilst riding in a car park a year ago or so an old guy 60 ish pretty much stopped his car to watch me and asked if i got dizzy doing it ,as i recall he had never seen anything like it .Guess there used to be a stigma attached to riding but nowadays there is a more liberal attitude less narrow minded as it was growing up.

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