White Friday!! (and its snowing outside..)

Thanks for the positive feedback from last week people. Is it just me, do I feel Flatland starting to rumble! Let’s make it happen.

This week’s topic is mainly for the UK Heads – ‘I’m dreaming of a White (Friday) Christmas’!… WEATHER!

Rain, Ice, wind, hail stones…But now the summer is long gone and Jack Frost isn’t just nipping…he’s positively slapping us across our pasty face’s. The struggle is on! The Long wait to warmth has begun. How are we gonna get through it? With Whitey’s winter warmers…that’s how! Cue the top of the pops music and let’s count em down.

10. Coffee. Not every ones cup of tea!?#! But it gets me going! In fact I usually have a large Starbucks before every sesh no matter what the weather. Go easy on the espresso shots though. I once had three and almost started doing turbines…Dangerous stuff!!

9. Wet. Okay…I may not actually ride when the old man is snoring, but if you keep waiting for a dry day you better be bloody patient. Just slap a bit of grip tape on your pegs and get rolling.

8. MacDonald’s Apple pie. I don’t wish to promote unhealthy eating or anything. These must contain a ridiculous amount of calories and very little apple but they sure are HOT! Put them under your hat if nothing else.

7. Double up. (Also see layers) Two woolly hats, two pairs of socks and even get Effraim’d up on the hands. When the cold really comes I have been known to wear up to three woolly hats! There again I am a little lacking in the insulation department up on top.

6. Layers. It takes ages to warm up in the depths of winter and just as you get going, the icy wind blows right through you! Layers are the answer. Yes you can buy all sorts of second skins these days that promise to keep you warm, cool and even claim to give you an instant six pack! For me though you’ve just got to have layers. Buy t-shirts and long sleeves in a Varity of sizes and start your riding session looking like the Michelin man and just take a layer off as you go.

5. Music. Turn up your latest playlist and lose yourself in the winter wonder(flat)land.

4. Wind. Go home and make a new playlist for Tomorrow…Unless you’re Sam Foakes of Course!

3. Riding Indoors. What could be better than riding in sports halls and the like? Never had much luck with this myself but then again I’ve never really tried that hard. With all the councils trying to encourage sports these days your chances have got to be pretty good! Just let me know when you’ve secured one and I’ll be there to session.

2. Underground car parks. I don’t believe it, if you say there isn’t one near you. You’re just not looking hard enough. The problem is most of them are connected to shopping places and the time you want to ride in them coincides with the busiest shopping period (Christmas and January sales) well…unlucky darts! When it’s busy take the time out to log on to Flatmatters!

1. If your still here reading and not outside kicking jack frost in the nuts. Immigrate, you pussy! Your upper Lip obviously isn’t stiff enough!!

Cold Wet and Dark from James White on Vimeo.

14 thoughts on “White Friday!! (and its snowing outside..)

  1. This article is scarely so well timed james!!!! We woke up to a a "white friday" today, i love the "effraim'ed up!" part haha, another great chapter in white friday!! stoked!!!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA greate stuff! so thats what ist called, ''effraim'ed up''
    now i'm digging the shizzel.
    i'll try to make my winter edit:P wich i filmed yesterday.

  3. I don't know about the UK, but years ago McD's used to deep-fry those apple pies (now they are baked, I guess)….that molten lava filling would stay HOT for weeks…you could put them in your coat pockets and keep warm all day.

    See ya!

  4. Underground car park winter stealth session's got me a place good advice James once you start riding soon warms you up snow what snow ha ha.

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