White Friday!! (and James is not happy…)

Fuck You World Classic! You’ve disrespected a BMX Flatland GOD!  And by that you’ve disrespected the whole BMX community. Your contest is now nothing! Get out my mother fucking face!
Lets have a real BMX Jam that represents real BMX: Watch out for the ‘Peckham Classic’ coming to you soon. A Jam circle contest by Flatlandism & LevelVibes. Leave your winning attitude at home, you could get disqualified!! More details to follow. Let’s turn this negative around.
One more time…Fuck You World Classic!!

17 thoughts on “White Friday!! (and James is not happy…)

  1. HAHAHAhahaha…..finger speaks louder then words!!! Need more news about the event. Martti is there, somewhere seating in the crowd as a spectator.

  2. I never was sure if I liked the idea of invitation only contests. Now I'm certain I don't. Keep it real Martti.

  3. language j white language !keep your hair on whitey but alas its true fucking shit shite shitty smelly crusty sweaty balls

  4. I think a lot people think James is being tongue in cheek here, he's really not, he's as livid about this as I've been!
    For the people who think this is no big deal it's blindly ignorant, and shows there motivates.
    The whole ideology with flatland is at question, it doesn't get more real than martti.
    To use a quote from Andy Zeiss "makes some noise for Martti "fucking" kuoppa!!!
    Flat matters is here to showcase real flatland!

  5. 🙂 I am speechless. On my way back home, finally. I will get some riding done.
    My mind works good now and I am just getting more and more motivated. Thanks for all support!

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