White friday- Flat Trick Honours – The Turbine.

Flat Trick Honours – The Turbine.

There would be many names (jesse Peunte, Jimmy Petite, Dylan Worsley just to name a few)  that have helped pushed the Turbine into the twenty First century and helped turn it Into one of the important elements of the new school style.  But I doubt that not many will argue that Sam foakes has taken the Turbine to level beyond!
I’ve wanted to get some concentrated footage of Sam’s Turbine finesse for a while now. I had the chance at the beginning of the week, but it was the first good dry day for so long! There was no way I was going miss the chance for a good session spending it filming, so what you get is a few short clips of Sam at the end of a heavy sesh,  Sorry!  but it still makes the point. I can’t help but use Effraim’s catchphrase here….Enjoy!!!

Today Was A Good Day! from James White on Vimeo.

9 thoughts on “White friday- Flat Trick Honours – The Turbine.

  1. Perry Mervars two footed locomotive turbine sticks in my mind as one of the first turbines done, what else got done around that time? Good stuff from whitey as usual. Enjoy haha

  2. Great clip funny stuff from James haha Sam is amazing ,Kevin Jones also E was turbining tomohawks around 91 ,Mervar yep on his Bully gotta be 89 that Ride Like a Man vid you got it E possibly the first turbine trick .watched that last week.

  3. Yes Howard I haven't dug all that much but I think perrys locomotive turbines were the first I can remember, jones did the teakettle turbines few years later I believe. Sam certainly has mastered the turbines, he did 11 in a show in Dublin after I announced he'd do 11 haha.
    Whitey has a certain way about him that cracks me up, James attempts on hitch turbines was classic…

  4. Yep the teakettle turbines jones did think thats what i meant .Perry Mervar still rides i believe.Sam looks like he could turbine forever so controled yeah James cracks me up it's cool to see lol.

  5. Sam can pretty much knock out however many turbines he wants Howard your right, mind blowing really, whole different ball game once you get past three, and hes doing 11's 15's haha

  6. I believe Perry's locomotive trick itself was called "Turbine." Years after, the term "Turbine" was applied to the technique used in the trick.

  7. Good stuff Bobby, so thats the turbine and the whopper coming out of Indy. You might say those dudes in Indy have inspired modern day flatland a ton..

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