Whitey wins Level Vibes!!!

Great turnout at this years Level Vibes, at least 50 riders attended, and enjoyed a full day of riding on a wet Decembers day. As is tradition James held a jam session for all to get involved in, few guys made it from abroad, Viki Gomez (had to leave before contest started) Jeremy brosset from France, Navid Saleki, so many faces, uk flat is definitely alive and well!!
Product support by Odyssey, flatland fuel, emer, vans, black sheep, if I forgot any I’m sure whitey will correct me.

James White
Effraim Catlow
Phil Dolan

Navid Saleki
Lee Wilson

Chris Brown
Salvador Brown
Stu MacLaren

Report plus photos by Yohann Chan will be up in couple of days….

10 thoughts on “Whitey wins Level Vibes!!!

  1. So good to see so many new uk faces, the young kid kieran won the Luna donated by Sam Foakes, Sam will deliver it to Kieran next Friday…
    Great day put on by whitey, forgot to mention the Greek guys in the house and Martin from global flat was also there for the last two hours…
    Great day!!!

  2. Salvador and Yinka both had good runs today, awesome to see new blood getting into flat, Andy Hale too had lot of good stuff, def a good future if he sticks at it!

  3. Great Day highlights Alex from Greece Andy Hale and the pro class also some other greek dude pedalling blender to backwards decade out all in all UK flat is here to stay so many guys riding with a smile great to be a part of it,props and respect to James for putting this on.

  4. Yes Navid was sick also Andy Wood impressed me even though he told me he hasn't been riding that much lately not that it showed and the irish guy on the black Khe insane run he had wish i pulled half my stuff in the comp as i did in practice oh well it's all fun,great to see loads of begineers as well really good turnout.

  5. As james said other people can do this, he but the bullet and forked out £500 quid for the hall, two or three events like this in the uk would be great a year…

  6. Hey, forgot to say bye to you effraim, but i'll see you soon again probably. Thanx every one who likes my riding, i realy get motivated by that and already tomorrow i'm gonna start to expand some trix!!! Great event LEVELVIBES, next year, higher level:D had a blast

  7. Rad to see you Navid, as Martti said "you have weird tricks and i like weird", good to see an expert rider pushing his own style, please continue this path, interesting to see what you bring to the table!!!
    Glad you enjoyed yourself Navid!!!

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