Will Redd wins AFA Round 2 Detroit Michigan

Not only the Fise contest in Montpelier, France this weekend. But also, Round 2 of the 2018 AFA Series at Modern Skatepark in Detriot, Michigan. Congratulations to all the winners, Will Redd, Trevor Watring, Bertrand Williams and T-Bone Daum! Full results and podium shots below:

Pro Class
1. Will Redd
2. Art Thomason
3. Austin Luberda
4. James McGraw
5. Jason Plourde
6. Bill Nitschke
7. Todd Carter
8. Bryan Huffman

Expert Class
1. Trevor Watring
2. Michael Shao
3. Ron Monis
4. Tony Schneidewind
5. Josh Hanson
6. Andrew Sheltraw
7. Marty Clark
8. Donavan Kelly
9. Craig Gaudet

Old’s Cool Class
1. Bertrand Williams
2. Robert Reilly
3. Anthony Schneidewind
4. Paul Hahn

Beginner Class
1. T-Bone Daum
2. Colin Carter
3. Camden Carter
4. Kim Klisiak
5. Coda McGraw
6. Ava McGraw

5 thoughts on “Will Redd wins AFA Round 2 Detroit Michigan

    • No name is better than “James McGraw”. It’s such a wild cowboy name. Just whisper it to yourself and couple of times and you feel so powerful. Best name.

  1. It’s crazy to see non-Japanese teens with flatland bikes! Crazy but awesome. Looked like a great event. I miss these kinds of events. I learnt a lot of tricks from jamming with people at events like this.

  2. I KNEW ………..Will Redd would WIN a comp soon , hes been on a SERIOUS progression come up , WITH original style , moves , combos…….for some time now ! CONGRATS Mr. Redd ! LONDON bikes in da building !! ALSO ……………Wills………FRAME stand side glide …………..MENTAL to say the least ! A very IMPOSSIBLE position to roll / hold !

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