12 thoughts on “Williams Perez – Quest BMX Video Contest

  1. WHHHHHHHHAAAAATTT !!!!!! FIRST OF ALL how do you of all people NOT have a frame sponsor ???!!! HOW ???!!! Man, this is the first video I woke up to ,off work today , and a BANGING EDIT at that !!!! Dude , I met you in the hotel lobby after the pre jam at Voodoo JAM , I STILL have that CRAZY ice cream switch/bike flip to backyard you had JUST learned at 2.06 in this edit , you let me record it on my flip phone ,IT WAS rad TO HAVE MET YOU FINALLY !!!! dang youre ALREADY comboing it , have it DIALED !!!!! You learned PUMPING PEDAL rolling junk yards , FLAILS to half packers , etc TOO , and just throwing them mid combo ???!!! Wow man , SUCH a BANGING edit , LOVED that you sent/nailed the decade to end that HAMMER back wheel combo also !! Im STILL BUGGIN on your B.I.T.R. INSANE backwheel combo entry , I watch it all the time ! BIG E IS RIGHT …….THIS QUEST VIDEO COMP IS………………….. H E A T I N G U P !!!!!!!!!!! YOWZERZZZ !!!!!!

  2. Even FLIPPED the bike from the PEDAL PUMPING junk yard to a time machine !!!! HAMMER MOVE !!! Also caught that BACKWARDS SPINNING /SWITCH PEDAL steam at the beginning of the edit !!!!!! RAD !!!!!

  3. Also like the right cross peg wheelie turbine then pivot/half bar to rolling back yard to START the combo AND the spinning ice cream/half bar / crouch down and reeeeeaaaaaach for the bar , yank to x-leg turbine peg wheelie/ uncross legs to inside left peg wheelie turbine to ice/lung spin !!!!!!! YEEEEAAAAAHHH William !!!!

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