Williams Pérez wins Start Combat Latinoamerica


Congratulations to Williams Perez who won the Start Combat Latinoamerica in Lima, Peru this past weekend, followed on the podium by Romulo Guerra from Brazil, and Isaias Beltran from Colombia! This was the first time a championship has been held in Peru with international riders in attendance. Check the results below!

1° Williams Perez (Pe)
2° Romulo Guerra (Br)
3° Isaias Beltran (Col)
4° Francisco Pequeno (Br)
5° Pedro Nascimiento (Br)
6° Esteban Salinas (Pe)
7° Raul Puccio (Pe)
8° Leibniz Fiestas (Pe)
9° Alejandro Guerrero (Col)
10° Pedro Luz Santos (Br)
11° Osama Fabian Perez (Cl)
12° Victor Gonzales (Col)

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