Winter hits everyone, even Long beach california!!!!

It seems this winter has hit everyone hard, rain in cali?? Unheard of….Chad J sent this in also…

Fat snapped these shots of the Long Beach Flatland Jam Spot from yesterday. He wants to share them.

I know you all think the weather is perfect here all the time, here’s a little example of Cali weather:

Take care

4 thoughts on “Winter hits everyone, even Long beach california!!!!

  1. wow…
    thats awful.
    Did the water just rush the streets?
    Just wondering because I woulda driven my car to high ground had I known the water was slowly rising!
    Hope everyone is ok….

  2. Yea, it came down so fast, maybe lasted an hour. There was low visibility leaving most stopped in there tracks.

    No one was hurt that I know of.

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