Winters coming….

Its been raining almost two days straight since the tunnel jam weekend, so seems fitting I post this, last years Southseas groundroots jam, in the pissing rain!! You can make it happen if you really want it!


11 thoughts on “Winters coming….

  1. I still cant believe the energy and vibe that the rain generated at this jam, seemed to make it! Off for a wet session in the rink in 30 minutes, im pumped!!

  2. Yeah, what a dope day! Weather sure made it a contest with a twist! A few more of them without the rain would be nice! Roll on Level Vibes…

    New TGM Vid coming soon, last 10 months or so at the Mile! Featuring James White, Phil Dolan, Shane Badman Big E, Paul chamberlain, Jay Forde, The German Invasion, TGM Locals and more. Gonna be a Long edit 20mins. Will keep ya posted E.

  3. Sounds good Maz!! have we even filmed this year? haha I dont remember…
    Wet weather session today was surprisingly good!! Anyone else get out??

  4. Yeah, got a couple of combos from you, must be old as one is on the OG frame, but banging combo.
    Weather is pants!!! Need to ride..

  5. Yeah great memories from Southsea the rain made it more memorable love that surface ,new vid sounds good Maz always a treat .

  6. Just back from wet weather sesh in the rink, I watched this video today as motivation to get out there and make it happen, it motivated the crap out of me! And hope others, you can make it happen if your up for it!

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