Wire zine 89-95 part 1

Came across this last night by total accident.
Back when I used to run Totally Intense zine I regularly swapped zines with people all over the globe, Wire was one of them zines I used to recieve, check this footage from New England USA, they had a killer scene, the Scott Denoncourt rolaid footage around 4:58 is nuts!!! Esp the applecrate style rolaid, still amazing now!!! And timely with the rolaid vids the last few weeks…

4 thoughts on “Wire zine 89-95 part 1

  1. ok now new skool riders take note this even today is sick riding Rick Upjohn always rated him Josh Marsele and Darren Pelio WTF dope as **** Scott Denoncourt rolaid variations too smooth applecrate style love it had an E-Wire vid back in 1992 some of these guys were on it East COst dudes Brian Chapman still rad.Keith Mckinney inventor of the frontflip flair Joe Johnson say no more cheers E i'm gonna watch this again stoked.

  2. No worries howard, brings back great memories for me, i forgot all about Tommy Simpson, killed it on the AFA circuit, the scene there in New England was so progressive around that time, with the consistent amount of events on, King of Flatland etc….I love these videos more than the new school one sometimes.

  3. Yeah these are so many underground names in here Tommy Simpson like you said Chris Poulos as well some amazing riding in here the East Coast was banging out some serious talent at the time.

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