Wireless Programmable LED BMX FT Rob Alton & Adam Kun

Rob Alton got in contact with a new project he has been working on with designer, Jochan Lejcar from Germany and invited Adam Kun along to throw some moves, heres what Rob had to say!

‘I have been riding flatland for 31 years now, progression took a back seat a “few” years ago and I concentrated more on the entertainment side of riding, “not what you do” but more “the way you do it”. 23 years later not only am I making a good living from riding I have also brought BMX flatland to a totally different kind of audience all over the world. While it may not be “mainstream” it’s bringing flatland to a much wider audience which can only be good for our sport.
Last year I worked with Jochen Lejcar from Germany. He came up with the idea of a LED BMX. BUT no ordinary LED system! This is wirelessly controlled and fully programmable to both the tricks and the music. He designed and created everything on the bike. The whole set up is run by just one battery and has contact to both wheels, frame, handle bar and fork. All the parts are programmable separately, the whole thing with costume too looks awesome. We filmed in Munich and Budapest during one week. The weather in Budapest made life very hard and also people on every place we filmed. Adam Kun came down to the Hero’s Square and threw down a few moves too. Here is the final edit to the Promo video, hope you like it!’

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