With the worlds fast approaching…

With the weeks counting down the 2009 Worlds in Koln is fast approaching, and last years winner Sam Foakes not competing, who will win this year? Two of the favourites must be current World Circuit No 1 Matthias Dandois, and Justin Miller, Justin has won the masters three times in a row (comparably to Martti’s triple X games wins in a row), Matthias interestingly has never won the Masters (worlds this year), also Adam Kun always seems to do well in Koln, placing top three on three separate occasions. Heres two battles between Matthias and Justin, each going either way. Who will win this year? Let us know what you think?

Flatground semi final 2007, Matthias wins…

Final Magic Flart, Columbia 2008, Justin Wins…

3 thoughts on “With the worlds fast approaching…

  1. 2 awesome talents always wondered is their personal competition between these two do they get on ? just the impression i get is that this rivalry runs deep each time they meet anyhow i'd hate to judge Matthais has the edge but Justin can hit some bangers too for sure awesome should be an interesting battle.

  2. I don't know for sure about the rivalry, I would say that I think rivalries are great for flatland, certainly spurs the progression in my eyes, also makes it someething you can't take your eyes off at the contests, it might however be as enjoyable for those involved the rivalries.

  3. I definitely love seeing these "rivalries" play out. It seems to be between the few riders that can dominate the rest…It almost seems like there's "pro" and then there's this other level of "pro" that always take 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, haha.

    Justin and Matthias battling is one of my favourite things to watch, both are usually very dialed, and I think when they know its close, they start to do some of their crazier things.

    I've never seen Sam Foakes battle Justin or Matthias in person I don't think, but he's another one, such dialed riding, his own defined, recognizable style.

    I liked Voodoo last year, none of the expected top guys were in the final, that was interesting to see!

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