Women’s International Flatland Weekend – June 20/22nd

Paula Callery got in contact with some great news for the girl riders out there! Ladies join up the Rad girls facebook group and get involved in this!

The first ever as it’s kind! Ladies, join the world ride movement and ride flatland Friday June 20-22 knowing that you’re not alone! Most flatlanders ride alone, and even when we get together for contests and jams if you are a girl you’re probably the only one! This special weekend we’ll all be making an extra effort as a group to get out and ride, as a symbol of our community and unity. Ladies are encouraged to either take pictures or make a small riding clip from their session over the Women’s International Flatland Weekend and share it on the Rad Girls Facebook Group in an effort to create the closest and next best thing to sessioning together. Join in, and ride with us!
Please visit the Rad Girls Facebook Group page to view the documentation of this unique event as it happens, and support the real ladies of flatland who ride! Ride on!


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