Worlds 02-Martti Kuoppas winning run

Seems quite fitting to post this on Marttis birthday!! Happy Birthday Martti!!!

A beautiful moment in flatland history! Martti delivered one of the best runs ever, originality, degree of difficulty, I remember this like it was yesterday, everyone knew they were watching history when they saw this live. Check that save on the last combo, just a small hand touch, the bike control involved to have ability to save that!!! Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Worlds 02-Martti Kuoppas winning run

  1. This sticks in my mind like Albert Reteys Limoge worlds winning run. The emotion on everyone faces during his run and when he finished was something I will never forget.

  2. had never seen or heard about that since i'm new to flat this year.

    but, gotta admit i teared up because it was such a fresh, understated run. You can totally feel the emotion.

    Martti is dope.

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