Worlds Am flat qualifying results just in…

The rain arrived as expected, the organisers were going to the hold the contest under the bridge by the duirt jumps, the riders voted against ity, so we all convoyed to Mike S’s local spot near the Hyatt hotel… No mic, no music, just alex jumlein, myself and mike s judging and hollering..64 riders, and freezing cold, im off for a sesh to warm up..

1 Worawee Srivichai [Thailand]
2 Alexander Gurbig
3 Ronny Engelmann [Germany]
4 Rayk Hahne [Germany]
5 Sietse Von Berkel
6 Alberto Moya [Spain]
7 Renauld laspeyres
8 Michael Von der Kroft
9 Pascal Nanko [Germany]
10 Charles Patys
11 Szitas Gabor [Hungary]
12 Ben Ofuso
13 Michael Machard [France]
14 Miguel Tardio [Spain]
15 Alvaro Fernandez [Spain]
16 Manuel Bernardo [Germany]
17 Martin Sebastian
18 Jeremy Brosset
19 Pal Varga [Hungary]
20 Andreas Balogh [Hungary]
21 Josh Briars [England]
22 Dongho Lee [South Korea]
23 Sebastian Schulz [Germany]
24 Nils Buyse [Belgium]
25 Tobias Schade [Austria]
26 Gino Stuart
27 Tom Dejaegher [Belgium]
28 Maxime Luchetti [France]
29 Leonardo Saliano
30 Jussi Laukkanen [Finland]
31 Didier Genet 61 Alex Stefanec [Austria]
32 Aapo Aires
33 Kwon Seongtuck
34 Szabo David [Hungary]
35 Milan Von Roern
36 Markus Schwital [Germany]
37 Luca Contoli [Italy]
38 Lasse Sutinig
39 Lajos Sinko [Hungary]
40 Julius Salo
41 Malte Ort
42 Dany Nussbaumer [Austria]
43 Andreas Rüther [Germany]
44 Kevin Nikulski
45 Rene Bick [Germany]
46 Marcelo Pastel
47 Gabor Szetanko
49 Asko Relas [Finland]
50 Peter Miklowski
51 Sebastian Meassaoud (Fra)
52 Francois Debroux [Belgium]
53 Roy Deguzman [USA]
54 Salvador Brown [England]
55 Saky Kypirtidis [Belgium]
56 Benjamin Schaub [Germany]
57 Francois Desgain
58 Kevin Kluger [Germany]
59 Oliver Griffin [England]
60 Trevor Lacey [England]
61 Sergo Desalis
62 Michael Veit [Germany]
63 Thore Saggau (Germany)
64 Alex Stefanac (Austria)

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