Worlds is on in Prague June 4-6

The newly opened Freestyle Park in Prague Modrany will welcome the BMX Worlds June 4-6, sanctioned by IBMXFF. The Worlds competition will be held in the 5 major disciplines of BMX Freestyle – vert, dirt, street, flatland and mini ramp. The registrations will be opened in 3 categories – masters, experts and pro.  In 2005 the BMX Worlds in Prague made a major influence on the BMX scene in the Czech Republic. It was a boost for the riders and the industry it self for a culture where freestyle BMX could have still been considered a slightly underground sport. Since then, BMX has gained its firm spot and has gained full recognition of being a true sport. We welcome the BMW Worlds after a 5 year break into a now mature BMX culture. Since then, many things have changed, and our passion for BMX freestyle is even stronger.
Marek Rejman, member of the IBMXFF says: “Right after the Worlds 2005 we decided that the new and BMX only facility need to be build to further grow BMX freestyle sport. We did not realize however, 
how much work and effort it would take to arrive at the final stage of our project. Worlds 2010 is a great opportunity to launch new venue. See you in June”.

The new site will be launched on March 1, 2010. Registration of riders, media and industry partners will begin then.

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3 thoughts on “Worlds is on in Prague June 4-6

  1. yeah no shit, the waving flatland floor haha i remember ucchie pumping halfpackers across the floor setting up for backwards spinning halfpackers and the floor rippling in like a wave motion, was nuts, the contest indoors wasnt too bad in the end.
    i dont think its at same venue, cause the previous place was a skateboard facility, it says bike facilty on the press release…

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