Yesterday at TGM

We brits are having a late summer, so Im personally making the most of it. Yesterday I made the two hour trip up to West Norwood to ride with Phil Dolan and the rest of TGM locals. The weather couldnt have been better, first time i’ve been to the mile and there wasnt any wind, the sun shone all day, good vibes, and plenty of riding went down. Here’s a few photos from the day. Enjoy..

When I arrived just before mid-day, the first person there riding was this kid, Yinka Thomas-Jagi, all the locals at the mile hooked him up with parts and bike, the kid rode non stop, which was so good to see, I hope this kid sticks at it!

Chilling after five hours of riding..

You might say Phil Dolan is having a second wind of riding, super motivated, and busting new tricks each time I see him, Cliff g turns…

The ever present TGM local Jason Forde. spinning hitch…

3 thoughts on “Yesterday at TGM

  1. lets hope this lovely weather continues just got in from riding myself hard to believe it's October next week .Yeah Level Vibes has got people talking it is going to put UK flat on the map really looking forward to it.

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