Yohei Uchino qualifies 1st – World Circuit Finals Kobe Japan

This is a crazy weekend for flatland! If there was ever a time you wish you could be in two places at once, this is it! Congratulations to Ucchie, Matthias, and Viki taking the top three spots in Kobe, Japan! Also big shoutout to Alberto Moya qualifying in the 11th spot! If anyone has any videos, send them over! Thanks!

1- Yohei Uchino
2- Matthias Dandois
3- Viki Gomez
4- Takahiro Ikeda
5- Tsutomu Kitayama
6- Hiroya Morizaki
7- Alex Jumelin
8- Shinichi Kiba
9- Kotaro Tanaka
10- York Uno
11- Alberto Moya
12 – Akira Okamura

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