Yohei Uchino voted Nora Cup 2012 Flatlander of the Year!

Photo: Fat Tony. Design: York Uno.

Last night in Las Vegas, the 2012 Nora Cup award ceremony went down, the line up was so long, a lot of riders couldn’t in! Which is nuts!
Yohei Uchino was 2012 Flatlander of the Year, congrats Ucchie!

You can see the rest of the winners in the link below plus great photo gallery from last night’s events:



13 thoughts on “Yohei Uchino voted Nora Cup 2012 Flatlander of the Year!

  1. I voted for him after I saw his ender on the RUN dvd nuts original combo!

    + he is the only contest rider that doesn’t kick the tyre in his runs,
    that puts him in a league of his own!

    Congrats mate well deserved!

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