6 thoughts on “Yohei Uchino wins Overground 2014 in Brazil

  1. This is the obvious result of a crap organization, everything was messed up, from people getting lost because place is very unassessible to disrespect to the riders , some of them started their runs just to listen “stop and wait to start again” followed by a senseless joke. The list of messes goes long if someone has enough patience to make it. As a real proof of it: Ikeda’s position in the results, he absolutely deserved first place, just check videos when someone upload to youtube, unbeliveably he ended in 9, every class was very badly and absurdly judged.

  2. By the size of the trophys I’m guessing that was the year end podium. Hopefully it was a good event with fair judging as opposed to what LT commented above!

  3. I disagree with “LT”, all competitors were present at the site, What the problem of “FlatLand” reach into every corner of the world?

    His contempt and disrespect “LT” to the is because show that you do not understand the motivation and the love of “FlatLand life style” and not feel the synergy of this exchange!

    In every corner of the planet will be judges, people from dferentes styles of “Flat Land”

    I agree that the judges possessed the necessary knowledge for the event!

    No more words to you!

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