Yohei Uchino wins World Circuit Finals + 2013 World Circuit Title!

With judging 12 hours yesterday I didn’t get much chance to watch the World Circuit Livestream. How was it? Congratulations to Yohei Uchino who not only took the win at the World Circuit Finals, but is also crowned the 2013 World Circuit Champion! Below the first of im sure what will be many videos to come out from this weekend at Flatark.

1-Yohei Uchino
2- Matthas Dandois
3- Tsutomu Kitayama
4- Viki Gomez
5- Takahiro Ikeda
6- Hiroya Morizaki
7- Alex Jumelin
8-Shinichi Kiba
9-Kotaro Tanaka
10-York Uno
11-Alberto Moya
12-Akira Okamura

5 thoughts on “Yohei Uchino wins World Circuit Finals + 2013 World Circuit Title!

  1. the real deal, massive props to those guys. Performing on such high level and being able to keep it all together for a year, that’s what really counts, you might have 1000000000000000 vids in less than one week but if you are not part of the international elite, you don’t exist – its time to prove yourself and show us what you really got

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