Zach McCurdy Online Fundraiser

Alan Young sent in this sad news, with a call for help from the flatland community. If you can help, hit the link below:

“My best friend and fellow flatlander from Indiana, was in a serious bmx accident this past
sunday and is now hospitalized. He has three broken neck vertebrae, compressed lower back,
broken sternum, clavical and concussion. There is a strong possibility he will be paralyzed from
his waist down. His wife and family setup a online fundraiser to help start to cover the medical bills.”

7 thoughts on “Zach McCurdy Online Fundraiser

  1. Thank to Effraim and the World Wide Flatland community for any help and prayers you can offer.

  2. Its a nice reminder to see how people come together for the good of a cause. Thanks for sharing this Alan, it was a good idea.

  3. Thank you to anyone who has donated even $1. I get to see him tomorrow
    morning and he has already been talking about doing a remote controlled bike together. As of now he has no sensation below his armpits but im positive he will gradually get better over the next 2 years.

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