Zebu & Maarsen off PegasusBMX / Tucek & Forde on!


More sponsorship news just in, Bruno Zebu hit me up with the news that he has left the Pegasus BMX team, and on the same day Dez Maarsen announced he will also leave the Pegasus BMX, with Bruno and Dez to be replaced by Mates Tucek and Jason Forde for 2016.

Bruno Zebu:

“To all the flatland community: I’m off Pegasusbmx team. Thanks Jeff DesRoche to give me this opportunity to ride with the brand!!”

Dez Maarsen:
“From now on I will no longer be riding for Pegasusbmx. I put a lot of effort in trying to make this work, so it was not an easy decision. I wish Jeff all the best with his company! New sponsor update following later this week.”

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