Giannis Caternellis: Freestyler #114​

I am a bit late to the party, posting Giannis Caternellis’ latest, and boy its a good one! As always, anything goes with Giannis (bars touching, no seat/seatpost). He is well and truly out there having fun trying new things, the one footed xft hitch stuff in this Freestyler #114​ edit. How?

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  1. Yes Giannis!! Caught this when you got it up on YouTube. The inverted grip ride bar slide had me yelling and laughing at the screen and just stupid hyped! Freestyle to the max every time. Ever expanding tricktionary. Don’t stop brother. This series is insane. Props and respect as usual. Ride on.

  2. Cheers Brent for your attention…. The inverted grip ride bar slide is called Darth Sidious and the godfather is Adam Guild!! Backwards and 1footed forwards this time…. Thank you brother for your words and for enjoying the series…. I will keep it progressive as much as I can…. Every edit new tricks and harder… To keep you yelling! Ha!

  3. Fanks Big E for posting…. Better late than never they say! Ha! Cross foot 1foot no handed hitchhiker aka Maradona Hiker was a holy grail for many moons in my mind…. You wonder How?? Flatland is all about bringing your imagination into life…. To open the eyes of your mind…. And then crazy things will happen…..

  4. Just like BZ I caught this when Giannis ( THE BMX King of Greece ! ) had dropped this on his channel , also !! My god , Giannis ! I’m thinking two MAJOR things here………ONE , it’s REALLY wild to me that you’re including these U.F.L. type moves ( ONE / X – legged and NO handed back packers AND hitchhikers , at will , random …….even FREESTYLED in combos as if they were NORMAL , every day session tricks ! THESE , my friend are the type of HAMMER moves where I’d figure would be like most other HAMMER style moves ……trying , pulling them ONE out of 300 attempts ! The type of moves where a rider would film them ONCE , document , post it…….and move on because they were such a pain to pull ONCE in the first place ! Bruv , I’ve personally tried tricks not even a sixth of the level of DIFFICULTY as your moves ……….and pulled them once , SKETCHY , half ass , WITH ugly style …….after trying them 500 TRIES , haha ! Your NEW ice cream stance , rolling , STAND UP / NO handed on the front pegs trick is SLLLLLLLAAAMMED , TIMES 7 and instantly got me UN -relaxed , watching it , eating dinner after work one night , haha…..I was trying to UNWIND , haha……after clicking on this new edit , watching it …….I was AAMMMPED , haha…….your creativity is something that has just gone off the deep end, FULL STOP ….BUT… a GOOD way for Flatland , kind of like in a Tate Roskelly vibe ! ( Amazing BMX Street rider ,who like YOU …..rides , thinks WAAAAAAY outside of the BMX box ! ) I’m thrilled that your mind has FULLY matched your high skill level , tricktionary , Giannis ! Damn , cabrone …..Eugene Collins spoke of ” dream level ” tricks , 15 years ago in a magazine interview when he was temporarily living in Los Angeles , riding ALOT solo, in the A.M. hours @ random times during the week . Him and I had some really deep phone conversations about the spiritual , solo journey , into CREATING ” dream level ” tricks . sometimes we would be chatting , he would be standing by his bike ……..think of one …..and have to INSTANTLY hang up so he could rush out and try one ……I’m personally gonna inform him to watch THIS and the rest of some of your edits , campeon ! Second thought , Giannis ……..YOU should / NEED to register / enter the U.F.L. online event ! It’s literally FOR riders like ….. YOU ,who breathe , think ,and MANIFEST nothing but ORIGINAL , CREATIVE tricks on their bikes . Not sure if the registration date is closed by now. If I were YOU …..I’d check and ENTER ! It’s Martti Kuoppa’s M.O.C. online event .( he switched the name to the Ultimate Flatland League . ) Giannis , I’m SO happy that you picked up a bike and made the sport even richer with the creative , quirky , HIGHLY original , and HIGH level process / execution of the way that you’ve been riding it for the last 15 or so years ! ALSO…….YOU should pitch in on these EXCLUSIVE combo videos , too……..we can ALL get this site’s GOAL to that 100th episode in no time !! YOU could knock out HALF of them by yourself , haha…….mad RESPECT , hermano !!!

    • Hermano i am always pleased with your words and with your deep knowledge and love for flatland…. A couple of thoughts also I want to share with you are first of all the thing about dream level tricks…. Since I first started to learn new tricks back in the early 90s,i was thinking about someday building my own agenda of tricks and most of all pulling tricks that Noone in this world can do…. It’s true that riding alone can help you to achieve that goal but what helped also is that some situations in my early flatland years really pissed me off and made me stronger and more passionated to learn these original moves…. Last year I was off riding for 8 months as you know amigo and that alone pissed me off for good and made me an animal that was set free from its cage to run free back in the forest! The result is this edit…. And there is more to come. Now as for the ufl contest and stuff like that I am not interested cabrone at all…. Flatland is so spiritual, so deep meaning that a contest I believe destroys that beauty and its pure nature…. So the conclusion is, Riding alone and no contests equals… Dream Level tricks! Gracias campeon for everything and for being a part of this Freestyler series with all of your mind and your soul…. Never forget about that… Cause I don’t….

  5. Somewhere along the way, aliens dropped futuristic flatland technologies In Greece. Gianni’s found said technologies and uploaded them into his mind… I am certain of it…Never ceases to amaze.

    • Ha Adam your comment made laugh but I feel sometimes like aliens would love flatland and were the only ones that understand and appreciate flatland…. More than any other human being… Funny thing is… last night I was watching a video on YouTube of Flatground 2003 with Martti, Penonzek, Jumelin, Cerra, Yamamoto and others… Awesome edit! In the description is written that…. This is a contest in Netherlands organized by Soul cycle crew. Go find a robot that can learn and execute all these moves…. I felt really awkward as I have learnt and pulled every single trick and link of that video… Job done by the aliens!! Haha! Thank you Mr. Doses for everything… And for being the Godfather of the Darth Sidious! Ahahah!!

    • Thanks mate means a lot! Flatland is about progressing and having fun…. It’s a progressive sport anyways and I’m having the time of my life since my comeback last September… To document and share also in the game….. There’s more to come brother, stay tuned and stay safe! Ha!

      • No worries Giannis. I’m sure there’s more to come. I might have said before, but it seems you’re thinking allows you to constantly evolve & that’s so exciting for any and everyone who seriously rides.

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