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Flatmatters is here to serve the flatland community as fast as possible, our motto is “to document, share and progress”.

Flatland waits for no one. Someone somewhere on this vast planet is progressing, we like to show that and motivate you to progress, and keep this artform/sport we all love alive. This website is produced by Effraim Catlow. Special thanks to Simon Shorten at Seventy1st Design for all his initial help setting up the website. Thanks to Johann Chan at Emer Clothing for the redesign and Kurt Hohberger at BMX Union for all his help behind the scenes! We hope you all enjoy the experience checking FM everyday!

Website rules: as of 24th April 2012

Simple rule of the site: Stick to one posting name: i.e, mine is Effraim!

Multiple fake name posts from the same isp address will be deleted, if this continues after warnings and you will be banned.

Posting etiquette:
Please bear in mind, you have responsibility towards what you say. Once you post a comment, it stays online. Think about it!

Thank you all!


6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. yo soy de Costa Rica y me intereso esta pagina es un éxito esta dedicada para los que corremos el flatland en las venas !!! Los Felicito que buen citio web de haora en adelante los seguire ¡¡¡ Pura Vida.

  2. Ah Stumpy, since l last saw you at the Planet X games, I’ve barely heard much about you. It’s good to read your still involved even though l heard you no longer ride.So, reading your post here, I’m surprised that you’ve said, you’re having fun on your bike. I remember the times we rode the city square, skate ranch etc & the 2 contests you helped out with me holding at the square, great times. I hope you’re well and hear more about you. Take care.

  3. I got an idea just before reading your post. I thought about holding a Jam called ‘Be Nice.’. Might sound weird, but l think because we’re the smallest discipline in Bmx, we should stick together as much as possible etc. Unfortunately there’s some factors that would prevent me holding a Jam.

  4. Chris, you’re more than welcome to hold a jam, like what you just said, we are too small and need to come together, but the past has to be squashed. Theirs no resolution in words for us Chris, it’s all actions. It’s not like we all got into a punch on, we’re old and a bit grumpier than we were but also because of the time gaps, we actually don’t know each other’s temperaments, you got my number, message m or call and let’s move forward.

    • I’m not chasing you Chris, but the truth is. No one is against you they just want to ride and not listen to old school crap or what you feel they need to hear, I don’t know if you realise but you walk up on riders when their doing a trick and when you find a gap you start talking to them, I’ve spoke with the riders and all they want is to see you ride and have fun not come and start a full length conversation while they’re only here for a few hours. And I know you will take offence to this but you don’t need to, if you want things to be better then listen to this please. Come ride say hi but remember the guys ain’t interested in talking, you have some riders who will listen Chris but just come ride and get over it, Karl the dog isn’t here. He is never welcome on the scene because of what he did to you. We ain’t your enemy. Just ride bro ride ride ride. You ain’t got time to waste. Me either. Hope to see you on Sunday at Balwyn jam for AIS, he leaves next week. He’s going back to Indonesia. You’ve got an opportunity to push all this crap into the past but you have to want it also. I can only put the welcome mat out so many times before I have to think of me.

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