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  1. Dear Effraim
    This is a video of Kudo brothers are Pushing hard in Sendai . I think they are always active to practice more and more . I also want you to share their video . Check This Out !


    Masatoshi “Markun” Karino

  2. Hi everyone! 🙂
    Here is a new HUGE video update from Russia:
    It’s all began before the showtime, when Oleg Efimov and I was riding in Gorky Park, it’s located in Moscow, Russia.
    Then we started to ride in the lobby of the Circus where we are working.
    After that I decided to take my action camera with me inside the Big Moscow circus right in to the circus arena! Hope you enjoy watching flatland in the other form.

    It’s about our BMX team, lifestyle, flatland and show inside the Great Moscow Circus! Check it out!! Enjoy watching!


  3. Hey Effraim,my name is Robert Zuchold from Germany i´m 31 years old and i ride FLAT for round about 15 Jears.

    At this time i can´t ride for my self cause of problems with my elbows.I don´t know for how long i can´t ride so the only opportunity to stay in FLAT is like this.It would be very nice if you please post this on FLATMATTERS.I like to surprise GERGELY he has put alot of dedicated work in his !!!

    i hope it works all good

    with best regards: Robert Zuchold

    First time i met Gergely was in May this year in cologne.
    We had a view sessions together & changed numbers.
    In December he was one week in Waimar cause of work.
    So he texted me cause he know i live near Weimar.
    He was coming every single day by train to Erfurt wich is a 15 minute ride.
    So we filmed these clips nighttime from 20:00 till 22:30 in my Cities old home spot from Monday to Thursday.
    Friday evening he travelled back home.

    Thank`s Gergely for the opportunity of filming your´e riding , it was fun.

    peace Robert Zuchold

  4. Hallo Effraim,

    im riding now for 16 years.
    Perhaps this is the last FLATLAND EDIT of my own.
    Cause of 2 injured elbows / Tennis Arms / Mouse Arms
    I stopped riding since middle 2015 & it really drives me crazy sometimes.
    Cause riding FLATLAND was for me the ultimate Freedom in life , creativity , healthy mind & to forgett all the negative shit around all of us.

    Flatland really full filled my life.
    Its really Bums me out but i try to get on it again but it takes longer cause it is the second time i have this injury , but now on booth arms.

    I was the type of DUDE how was saying if i can´t ride Hardcore i quit.
    Cause it didn´t motivates me to do some tricks everybody is doing…

    I have 2-3 abstract creative Combos in my Mind i would like to do.
    Perhaps i only can do 1 of them cause the pain injurys come from these combos.

    The Video is dedicated to my Grandpa he was a road bike Racer back in the Days.
    He was the reason i love to ride Bikes in general !!!

    It would be nice to release the EDIT on FLATMATTERS if you like it , to share it with the FLATLANDWORLD.
    It could be the best EDIT of me to mention Filming Riding Quality & Editing.

    P.S.: please dont mention in Detail my arm problems cause i have problems to get in my old job…

    the reasons of injury are these tricks &
    the heavy pollution at work…

    But it gets better in small Steps i do all i can to get stress & pain Free to get back in shape …

    With best regards Robert Zuchold


  5. any chance you can add an “Events” section? that way promoters don’t have to wait on your busy schedule waiting for you to post it up & can do it themselves. just a thought…

  6. Effraim , I know you’re VERY carefully selective with the posts you choose , mate …….but DAMN , DAMN , DAMN…….THIS goes beyond just Flatland riding and this really needs to be showcased………it’s Ricky Catanzariti’s newest Colony edit that just dropped . In my opinion his riding encompasses BMX skill ,across all boards………SICK hang five to bar spin drops off ledges is just a sliver of all the technical madness packed into this remarkable , SLLLLAMMMMED , and in my personal opinion…….MUST WATCH edit……thanks for your time , Big-E !!

    • Hahahah thanks Rodney. Its actually not intentional right now Rodney. I am just busy editing the awards show. If you check now just uploaded the Real Jeep Games Show, you need to watch that buddy. Heavy!!!

  7. This site has supported / shown love to Flatland for MANY years . I and everyone can’t thank you enough , E ! I’m just commenting to say THANK YOU , Effraim …..I swear with all you’ve done for Flatland since 1990 , INCLUDING your RIDING ….it’s really awesome , man. You seriously need your own day of the year among BMXers , haha. I really don’t see how you’ve been steering the FLATMATTERS ship for this long. E , I’ve organized ONLY 10 people Flatland jams before and just contacting everyone was a task , haha.. all you’ve got going on and you’re still here steering the ship ……honorable ,and I for one REALLY appreciate it from day 1 of ” To scuff or not to scuff ” article to TODAY ! ( speaking of THAT article, I chuckled to myself as I read it cause I am guilty of scuffing 100 % of the time , haha. If there were ever a Rodeo Peanut for FLATLAND …..I’d be the one getting roasted EVERY episode for breaking all the ” rules ” of Flatland BMX in 2022 ,hahahahahaha. seriously though , Big -E ……THANK YOU !

  8. ok…….random request from YOU , Big-E ! Knowing you have two things………1. a good memory about BMX and your own riding. 2. A vast bag of tricks on your bike. Here’s the thing……remember you telling me about your long link you sent to Jason Brown , r.i.p. for 5 Combos ? I KNOW you remember the long combo that you pulled / filmed. Could you PLEEEASE film , do that same combo again and post it. I know for you it would be easy because of your tricktionary . It would basically be like you playing a game of B.I.K.E. by yourself in 1998 , haha. I’m in need of some 5 Combos motivation right now and I’d be STOKED to see your 5 Combos long link today in 2022 ! You don’t even have to pull it . Jason didn’t pull his in 5 Combos . He just linked until he dropped ! Please consider this , Effraim as I’m a HUGE fan of your long combos from 1994 ( you WON the World’s with those ! ) and all your 1995 , 1996 , 1997 , 1998 , 1999 , 2000 , long combos ! Really hoping you do this , E ………

  9. Ok you’re not into the 5 Combos project , haha……..that’s cool . I get it , haha…. How bout interviewing Uuchie , sending him some questions about the Matt Hoffman type path he chose in Chiba . All or nothing , do or die , go for a HAMMER , ORIGINAL line disregarding the consequences , placings , etc ,etc…….I really feel that Yohei should be shown some serious respect for this …we all know he could of easily went the obvious path…..

  10. Um…….I was able to do it a few more times with the help of JESUS ( seriously ! ) It’s on You Tube titled……. Long links with Rodney Williams . It’s another 2 hour combo , Effraim , but recently ! I worked on this for weeks and weeks and weeks…….

  11. Sorry about commenting way too much , Effraim . I see my comment for the Never off the battle contest is awaiting moderation , haha….I’ll cool it with leaving so, so , so many comments . I’m very aware of me talking , rambling a lil too much on this site . Hell , really way too much in general all over the internet , when it comes to all disciplines of BMX , genres of music I’m into , etc ….ha…..I’ll seriously chill out . I can tell it’s getting underneath some people’s skin on this site . I’m good with just working my job , riding my bike , staying in my own little tiny world ….and shutting the f-k up , haha….I’ll really try and keep the comments at a tolerable , non annoying amount . Thank you for all you do and have done on this site and I’m still looking forward to your future edit . Also I appreciate the love , support you gave me on Instagram , I really do , mate . I’ll be back . Had issues again scrolling down on my account . Plus starting my new job , I had to focus on that …..again , thanks for all you do , have done for the sport , Big-E ……FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM.

  12. Effraim , please ask Toon to do a long line . ( Combo till he drops , doesn’t matter if he pulls it or not……PLLLEEEASE . ) I’d love to see that later after work tonight…that would STOKE me…I know he’s the man there to do it !

  13. Yo , Big-E ! My NEW , much better, Flatmatters Award Thank You video is up ! It’s on the Scumward BMX Youtube channel , titled ……….Rodney Williams/ F.M. medal run. I put some real work into this one . That last one was wack , LOL. I trashed it , It was a rushed small jib line that I just threw together ……THIS one is more my true riding style and one that I’m actually stoked on , honestly stoked on ! My BMX amigo , I think he sent it to ya already ?

  14. Just commenting to say THANK YOU , Effraim . There’s been load of great content lately and I’m loving it . It’s actually been hard to keep up with it all . ( which in my opinion is a GREAT thing ! ) Riders are SLLLLAMMMMING DOWN sick riding edit left , right and centre. Hell bruv , I’m still analyzing / taking in Dub , J.F.B. , Art , and now Grubinger…..all their edits . Haven’t commented in a while, just taking it all in . However , I’ll be BACK in the mix , Big- E ! Thank you for this site AND your signature moves on your bike . ( pedal stance , multiple cowboy flips and your I-hop stance , back and forth ” record scratch ” . FLATMATTERS , sir……………

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