Must Watch: Sebastian Grubinger / Reminiscence


I have no idea what’s going on right now with all these amazing edits, but I love it! We are currently in “Must Watch” season a few months earlier than I anticipated.
And this man, Heresy’s Sebastian Grubinger’s continues to be one of my favourite riders, video parts were made of this guy and he doesn’t disappoint here revisiting some classic Grubinger lines that still hold up to this day. I’ll be watching this one for a while, and you might well be too!

Highlights for me:

00:28: peg to peg boomerang to switch foot backwards peg wheelie pivot to backwards rolling straddle-roni.
1:09: Whiplash around the bars to Karl 360 bar flip out.
1:39: A forwards bar flip Karl line I’ve wanted to see Sebastian re-do for years.

Must Watch: James White / Pivitski


When I said yesterday that it’s “Must Watch” season, I wasn’t joking. Right here, we have a contender for edit of the year when we get to the 2024 Flatmattersonline Year-End Awards in December. Years of bike mastery have gone into not only the technique (the back wheel line at 2:23 springs to mind as a standout) but also the ability to wait for the right timing and not rush it, to execute rolling so slowly out of an almost stationary hitchhiker at 3:49.

There are so many details in James’ riding that are second to none; check the ender at 4:37. Going back for my fifth watch of this before I post it, this is already a classic in my mind.

I’m a big fan of the multiple angles in this as well as the black and white, which give this a fresh feel compared to his previous edits.


It feels like Must Watch season is upon us, and this Yokosuka Umikaze jam edit that Jimalog put together is full of good vibes and bangers that we need to talk about, and particularly the last line Yu Katagiri does at 4:13, in a run by the sounds of things. One of the best lines of the year and this edit is on rewind, and James White’s edit to look forward to tomorrow. Life is good, lets discuss this one in the comments!

Aloha Jam: October 10-13th 2024

Aloha Jam news from the man himself, Bobby Carter.

OCT 10 – 13, 2024 on the island of O’ahu

Aloha Jam is more than just a jam it’s a BMX Holiday! This year’s edition, “TIKI HIDEAWAY SESSIONS”, consists of 3 epic flatland sessions at different locations around the island of O’ahu along with a bonus skatepark session at the legenday Banzai skatepark across from the world class North Shore surf breaks. Sprinkle some island adventures into the mix and it’s an experience of a lifetime!

Jay Holmes Jam: July 27th

Jon Dowker got in contact with some jam news for a great cause.

So Flat Society asked to be a sponsor for the Jam as well! I’m overwhelmed with the generosity of our sponsors to help out this event! For those that don’t know were holding a Jam in celebration of our good buddy Jason Holmes. Jason was a huge part of our scene in the 90’s in the greater Toronto area. By far the best flatland rider in our crew. We have had so many good times riding, going to contests and just being dumb kids. We wouldn’t trade it for the world! Sadly Jason has been diagnosed with a very serious condition called ALS aka Lou Gehrig’s disease. We’re holding this event in large part to show our appreciation and love for this awesome friend of ours. If you know Jason or not please try to come out and hang with the crew and join us in some bike tricks. Should be good old BMX fun! We plan to grab dinner that evening at the Boston Pizza as well!

Matti Hemmings wins U.K. Flatland Championships at the National Cycling Show

Good weekend at the U.K. Flatland Championships as part of the National Cycling Show at the Birmingham NEC. Two days of competition, with beginner, amateur, old school and pro classes. Congratulations to all the winners, thanks to Matti Hemmings for organising it all.


Matti Hemmings

Aran Gillian

Dan Margetts

Steve Green


Dino Jeffers




Michal P

Matthew Dyer *

Steve Rooke

Nick Cooke. *

Kev Clarke

* Entered Am and Old School, Matthew Dyer took the win, followed by Nick Cooke.


Ellis Morgans