15 Years of Flatmattersonline


When reflecting on 15 years of running the site, my initial thoughts trace back to the “To scuff or not?” article on the Blogspot site. Contemplating how much Flatland has progressed—advanced tricks, evolving techniques.

Up steps Mark Ward during a session at my flatland school, Mark is a fellow rider and designer, who’s worked with Greystoke BMX, Haro Bikes, and Dale Holmes racing brand Dvide recently. He proposed a futuristic series of drawings for Flatmattersonline Merch, offering a glimpse into where Flatland might be in another fifteen years that somewhat aligned with what I was thinking of to celebrate the anniversary. Continue reading

Must Watch: James White / White Noise

Need some winter motivation? James White delivers an amazing mixtape part showcasing his year-long efforts no matter what the weather.

As James notes, it covers everything from front-wheel to back-wheel action, including unique pedal grinding scuffing circle k’s. Pay attention to the opposite (1:07), switch foot (2:50), spinning opposite (3:25), and switch foot spinning (3:42) – an untapped direction and trick concept.

The combos featuring this concept are also noteworthy. James’s progression and fun approach shine throughout. He skillfully crafts an engaging video. Share your thoughts in the comments!

Gary Pollak: BMX Banter Podcast

Jon Dowker & Anthony Berardi just came through with an amazing guest for their latest BMX Banter Podcast, really looking forward to tuning into this one. Winter is definitely a good time for podcasts, congratulations to the guys on just passing 10k downloads on the podcast.

Gary Pollak was part of the King of Prussia, Pennsylvania BMX scene and considered a quasi Plywood Hood. Featured in early Dorkin’ In York videos & known as a great all-around rider competing in both AFA and 2 Hip Vert & street comps.
He is the inventor of the Pinky Squeak. He rode for CW in the mid-80’s and toured with likes of Ceppie Mays, Dizz Hicks and MacGoo.He later rode for GT touring with Martin Aparijo, Josh White and trials rider Hans Ray. He also did the Dan Up! tour with Matt Hoffman, Dennis McCoy and Rick Moliterno!

Now a family man and living in New Jersey with his wife and daughter and still riding BMX.

Tune in here:


Matti Hemmings wins U.K. Flatland Open + Full Results

The U.K. Flatland Open in Newport, Wales last Saturday was a good time. Big flatland area at a great heated venue was much needed as the U.K. saw its first widespread frost of the year.

Great to see some fresh faces as well as the contest regulars. Already talk of two events in April and November next year.


Matti Hemmings

Remus Simion.

Dan Margetts.

Josh Briars

Steve Green

Reece Thomason

Dino Jeffers


Mario Carelse

Mike O’Connell


Dino Jeffers

Matthew Dyer

Nikolas Cook

Simon Hill

Rob Christopher

Steve Rooke


Ellis Morgan



Jason Forde: Spoke / Confront your Fears

Something a lil’ different today, Jason Forde teamed up with Film director, Ted Clarke to bring us a short flatland film.

Over to Jason:

“We have all been there, feeling scared or overwhelmed by something that seems bigger than us. But we can’t let our fears control us or stop us from living our best lives. We have to face them head on and do what we need to do to overcome them. Sometimes that means saying sorry to someone we hurt, or letting go of something that is holding us back. Life is too short to waste it on regrets or worries. We have to be happy and grateful for what we have, and not let anything distract us from our goals. We have to be brave and strong, and not let pain or fear stop us from enjoying the ride.”

Omari Cato: Hang 5 Podcast / Episode 39

For this episode we go down to the Lone Star State to speak with one of the rising stars of BMX Flatland, Omari Cato. We discuss his roots from the rural roads to Pro rider, his early heroes, becoming a teacher, starting a community flatland school, competing locally and internationally, his view on the American flatland scene, judging contests, the future and so much more.


Giannis Caternellis: Freestyler #122

Time flies, Gianni is celebrating nine years of the Freestyler series with this wild, experimental edit. When was the last time you saw someone take off there seat/seatpost mid combo? How about a no footed backpacker? You might want to watch this one, congratulations Giannis on such a vast tricktionary that doesn’t follow any current trends.