Jean William Prevost wins Huff Jam + Full Results / American BMX Flatland League


Yesterday, the annual Huffjam went off in Winston-Salem, North Carolina to wrap up the first year of the American BMX Flatland League.

Congratulations to Jean William Prevost, Bryan Huffman, Teak Gabriel, Ron Metzger, Christiana Neves, and Preston Wilson winners of each class. Full results below, thanks as always to Todd Carter for the results and podium shots.

Pro Class

1. Jean William Prevóst

2. Terry Adams

3. Austin Luberda

4. Jean Francois Boulianne

5. Mickey Gaidos

6. Art Thomason

7. Dax Wolford

8. Bobby Burger

9. Isaiah Jordan

10. Alejandro Guerrero

Master Class

1. Bryan Huffman

2. Kevin Edwards

3. Todd Carter

4. Kelly Baldwin

5. Ed Jodie

6. Keith King

7. Alexis La Grassa

Expert Class

1. Teak Gabriel

2. Lee Mejia

3. Ezra Patton

4. Thiago Balzano

5. Rodney Dye

6. Dakota Ritchie

7. Kevin Washington

8. Andy Pandemic

Old Is Cool Class

1. Ron Metzger

2. Lance Lyons

3. Ron Seay

4. Brent Schulze

5. Fox Kinsman

6. Greg Mobley

7. Mark Johnson

8. Matt Stamey

9. Matt Veach

10. Justin Tate

11. Brian Dunlap

12. Kevin Czuba

13. Chuck Hargis

14. John Moloney

15. Chris Wong

16. Glen Mehltretter

17. Keith Rieben

18. Jason Harrison

Novice Class

1. Christiana Neves

2. Joel Munday

3. David Shipley

4. Zachary Drieling

5. AJ Moloney

6. Justin Oh

7. Will Calloway

8. Monique Baldwin

9. Kelly Oldfield

10. Danny Harrison

11. Kim Klisiak

12. Rodney Bowcock

13. Donnie Pickering

17 & Under Class

1. Preston Wilson

2. Emily Metzger

3. Julianna Metzger

Must Watch: Sebastian Grubinger / Reminiscence


I have no idea what’s going on right now with all these amazing edits, but I love it! We are currently in “Must Watch” season a few months earlier than I anticipated.
And this man, Heresy’s Sebastian Grubinger’s continues to be one of my favourite riders, video parts were made of this guy and he doesn’t disappoint here revisiting some classic Grubinger lines that still hold up to this day. I’ll be watching this one for a while, and you might well be too!

Highlights for me:

00:28: peg to peg boomerang to switch foot backwards peg wheelie pivot to backwards rolling straddle-roni.
1:09: Whiplash around the bars to Karl 360 bar flip out.
1:39: A forwards bar flip Karl line I’ve wanted to see Sebastian re-do for years.

Must Watch: James White / Pivitski


When I said yesterday that it’s “Must Watch” season, I wasn’t joking. Right here, we have a contender for edit of the year when we get to the 2024 Flatmattersonline Year-End Awards in December. Years of bike mastery have gone into not only the technique (the back wheel line at 2:23 springs to mind as a standout) but also the ability to wait for the right timing and not rush it, to execute rolling so slowly out of an almost stationary hitchhiker at 3:49.

There are so many details in James’ riding that are second to none; check the ender at 4:37. Going back for my fifth watch of this before I post it, this is already a classic in my mind.

I’m a big fan of the multiple angles in this as well as the black and white, which give this a fresh feel compared to his previous edits.


It feels like Must Watch season is upon us, and this Yokosuka Umikaze jam edit that Jimalog put together is full of good vibes and bangers that we need to talk about, and particularly the last line Yu Katagiri does at 4:13, in a run by the sounds of things. One of the best lines of the year and this edit is on rewind, and James White’s edit to look forward to tomorrow. Life is good, lets discuss this one in the comments!