SF Clocktower Sessions with Pete Brandt, Dane Beardsley and Sean Parker

Public Transit from OneLoveBmx on Vimeo.

Darin Wright over at One Love, just came through with this banger edit filmed in one session at the infamous San Francisco Clocktower spot. Featuring resident, Pete Brandt, Dane Beardsley and Sean Parker, this is so good!
Music track on point, vibes, nice mix of riding styles, this one got me stoked and no doubt will get you stoked too!

Jam Circle Pre-jam by Jim McKay

Weeks on from the Jam Circle weekend, and still amazing footage and edits coming through. Case in point here with Jim Mckay’s Pre jam edit featuring the likes of Jean Francois Boulianne, Pete Brandt, Terry Adams, Omari Cato, Art Thomason, Scott Powell, Sietse van Berkel, Benjamin Hudson, Jean William Prevost and so many more.

Must Watch: Alex Jumelin 2K23

Stoked this morning to wake up to a fresh winter riding edit from Alex Jumelin! So good to see Alex go in, and drop so many new switches in this 2K23 edit filmed by his wife Elodie. There’s a lot to take in on both wheels, love the invisible hand opposite Karl jump to forward Karl at the 00:40 mark.

Edit of the year so far, great to see a top heavy hitting pro like Alex show us what he’s working on, who’s got next?! Flatland needs more of this!!!

Mickey Gaidos: 40

Every now and then, there’s an edit that slips through the FM firewall, case in point right here with Mickey Gaidos “40” edit.
Mickey documents his return to riding, and particularly the last three years, when you combine Mickey’s editing and riding skills your onto a good thing. Enjoy this one everyone, if you missed it the first time round like me!

Phil Dolan: Flatland Life begins at 40

Bit of a UK flatland scene on the site this week, with Round 1 of the UK Bmx Flatland league taking place in Leicester this weekend. I randomly came across this amazing edit from one of the best to ever do it, Phil Dolan’s “Flatland Life begins at 40” still hits to this day, some amazing figure of eight skills on show right here at the Camden riding spot! Well worth a rewatch or this might be your first time watching!