Must Watch: Alexis Desolneux / Battles

I’ve always wondered what would happen if a street rider really started bringing flatland tech to the streets. I’m not talking about just dropping a hang five on a ledge spot, I am talking about digging deeper and creating original flatland lines that have never been done.
Alexis Desolneux is that dude, a true artist that continually does his thing in BMX and this edit goes so hard.
There is so much groundbreaking stuff in this, the filming is awesome and the soundtrack fits like a glove (the opening where the music kicked in on the Luc-e grind line gave me goosebumps. And the ender wow, the street world and BMX world need to teach this one!

Tre’ fucking Bien Alexis!

Ramon Lopez: Adios 2022

Getting back to normal after the 14 years of Flatmattersonline celebrations, Puerto Rico’s Ramon Lopez just sent in this awesome “Adios 2022” edit full of hard classic flatland moves. Multiple brakeless whiplashes, check, no handed hang 5’s mid line, check, backwards brakeless whiplashes, and so much more. Good stuff Ramon, it’s been great to follow Ramon’s riding through the years running the site!!

Effraim Catlow: 14 Years of Flatmattersonline!

Hello everyone!

14 years of Flatmattersonline, can you believe it?!!!

I’ve been stacking clips in between injuries for the last three and a half years. This edit for me has been a real case of going against the grain of what everyone else seems to be doing. The norm now seems to be most riders post their clips as soon as they have landed them straight onto the gram. For me, the gram is for leftover clips and photographs.

Videoparts are our album, I had this conversation with a few riders out in Abu Dhabi recently. There’s a lot of riders in the current scene with “no” albums or at least no a recent one. It seems really sad to me, there isn’t a right lot to watch right now “video part” wise unless you go back digging (which there is nothing wrong with).

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Must Watch: Benjamin Hudson / It’s Ok Part 1

Benjamin Hudson has been been off the grid for a while now. One of the best styles in the flatland game, and today that changes and we have a short but very sweet “It’s ok” part 1 to get you motivated for your winter session. The standout for me is the switch foot pedal 5 line where he crosses over to the other side around the 1:05 mark. Thank you Benjamin and IGI for this treat!!

Aude Cassagne: Welcome to Heresy BMX

What a couple of weeks it’s been for Aude Cassagne! Not only the 2022 UCI World Championship title in the Womens Elite class, how about a fresh hook up to the dopest flatland team in the game, Heresy BMX! Aude’s level is crazy and there are a couple of moves she didn’t drop in Abu Dhabi in this one. Congratulations to Aude once again, so well deserved!!!

Kevin Jones: BMX Hall of Fame 2022

Congratulations to Kevin Jones, finally inducted to the Bmx Hall of Fame last weekend! This accolade has been a long time coming, when you think about Kevin’s contributions to modern day flatland and BMX in general it is hard to measure it truly. The inventor of the Hang 5 would be enough to have Kevin listed on the Hall of Fame, but there is so much more (as you all know or should know), there’s the Hitchiker, Backpacker, John Doenut, Circle K, Time Machine, Dump Truck, Death Truck, and many many more.

His video parts on Mark Eaton’s Dorkin’ in York videos have helped shape and change the progression of modern day flatland forever.

His acceptance speech during the award ceremony is so humble it speaks volumes of the man himself! You can tune in at 1:01:43 mark.

Photo credit: Brett Downs.