George Manos: Dragpazen

There is much to be admired about George Manos riding, the man does what he wants and doesn’t follow what anyone else does. This “Dragpazen” edit gave me the feel of a survellience camera watch George’s section, I always really liked the experimental feel where tricks aren’t necessarily finished, but he’s showing his sketchbook of ideas. True artist.

Sebastian Grubinger: Never Lost But Found

Sebastian hit me up this morning, asking what he would do with this footage. Put it out on Instagram and Youtube I replied. Here’s what Sebastian had to say:

“Recently found a CD with old files on at home. Surprisingly riding clips I totally forgot about. Not sure what what we filmed for back then. Must have been around 2005/06. Filmed by Markus Redlberger in Linz(A), Ajka(H) and Vienna. Good times & great memories!”

Scott Hagnas: Flat Singles 2024

Flatland lifer, Scott Hagnas is currently out injured from a freak accident. Fully tearing his quad tendon off of his kneecap, just typing that made me wince. Scott however, used the time off his bike to put together this rad edit of his original tricks filmed from age 55-57! This is awesome, go watch this and have a speedy recovery Scott!