Scott Hagnas: Flat Singles 2024

Flatland lifer, Scott Hagnas is currently out injured from a freak accident. Fully tearing his quad tendon off of his kneecap, just typing that made me wince. Scott however, used the time off his bike to put together this rad edit of his original tricks filmed from age 55-57! This is awesome, go watch this and have a speedy recovery Scott!

Melbourne Flatland Session

Once again, I am catching up on what’s going on around the globe. It’s rainy day today here in Southsea, and this sweet Melbourne Flatland Session edit is the first edit that came up to watch today. Gonzalo Bellanti, IƱigo Arroyo, and Yuki Tokui enjoy a session at the infamous Melbourne Museum riding spot, good to see edits like this again!

Giannis Caternellis – Freestyler #123

Imagine having 123 edits? Damn, who can say that? Gianni Caternellis keeps on delivering, here for his 123rd part, he rides one of that looks like scenic spots with surrounding Greek landscape. This feels like a behind the scenes look at Gianni’ sessions, love the concept of this. Gianni dedicated this part to Rodney Williams…

Gurvan Le Bloch: Road to World Cup

Gurvan Le Bloch is a name that was firmly on my radar about 8 years, then it seemed he vanished from the euro contest scene, and posting videos (certainly as much). Now, in 2024 Gurvan is back and is competing in the Fise World Cups this year, Japan this month and Montpellier, as well posting a lot on his socials.
Love the concept of this one, really nice thought behind this….

Must Watch: Owen Bohn & Benjamin Hudson in the Andes Mountains

Jean William Prevost aka Dub puts together an absolute classic, with two of the best in the game, Owen Bohn & Benjamin Hudson on their home turf’s. His description is perfect so not much need for myself to add anything other than this is worth watching on your tv screens at home. Flatland BMX lifestyle to the fullest!

“Owen Bohn & Benjamin Hudson hold a special bond. Both share a passion for flatland that is hard to find at that level in the mountainous area they inhabit, they live pretty close to eachother except for the towering Andes mountains that separate their cities Santiago and Mendoza. They’ve been taking this 8 hour bus ride that crosses the sight of the tallest mountain outside the Himalayas every time they feel for the motivation of riding with a real one. 15 years later they still motivate each other to keep pushing. This video will show them riding in a short mixed session together but also host a solo part for each on their own spots in Mendoza, Argentina and Santiago, Chile.”