It feels like Must Watch season is upon us, and this Yokosuka Umikaze jam edit that Jimalog put together is full of good vibes and bangers that we need to talk about, and particularly the last line Yu Katagiri does at 4:13, in a run by the sounds of things. One of the best lines of the year and this edit is on rewind, and James White’s edit to look forward to tomorrow. Life is good, lets discuss this one in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Must Watch: YOKOSUKA UMIKAZE JAM 2024

  1. Beeko’s pedal stance rope -blind apple crate . That lady’s smooth rope ,bar flip ,ice cream spin line. Katagiri’s double footed ice cream jump to floating junk roll-spin to a bike flip , landing to a cross ice cream. That rider’s SUPER save ,slapping pavement. ( love saves like that , reminds me of Kuoppa. ) Katagiri’s double footed ice cream bike flip to pedal stance rope ,rolling backwards to pivot forward ….still on the pedal , pumping to bike flip again , landing to a cross rocket . This edit is riffing Flatland’s chill………like Trey Azagthoth playing HEAVY Death Metal guitar riffs /solos……rad , razor’s edge , progressive riding in this . Jimalog always delivers !

  2. ALSO……….a lawnmower and cross freak squeak ,plastic man to start this off ?! Thank you , Big-E . This is a sick edit ……..I can watch Takahiro ” ENOYANG ” Enoki X-leg ice cream pivot / unwind to backwards fudge packer all day. I also see a version of Eugene Collin’s 1996 Time Warp being slammed down , too……….damn this edit is THE SEEEZZZZZ ( meaning extremely good. ) I’m looking for Jumpei Ishr Goto to drop something soon…..

    • One of the many amazing things about the Japanese flatland scene Rodney. We all talk about the bangers and the amazing level, but it’s about the variety of styles. This edit reflects that really well. On about the tenth watch and love it more each time. What a jam to be at!

      • Yeah 100% – there’s never been only one cool style in Japan. Riders are just respected for being on their own path and they all seem that. It doesn’t mean that they have to original, it just means that they focus on a few tricks that maybe nobody else in their crew is really focussing on. That’s why every rider in Japan has something interesting regardless of ability or experience. They go hard too. No sitting around talking about if they should get hold endcaps for their pegs or green ones.

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