Must Watch: James White / Pivitski

When I said yesterday that it’s “Must Watch” season, I wasn’t joking. Right here, we have a contender for edit of the year when we get to the 2024 Flatmattersonline Year-End Awards in December. Years of bike mastery have gone into not only the technique (the back wheel line at 2:23 springs to mind as a standout) but also the ability to wait for the right timing and not rush it, to execute rolling so slowly out of an almost stationary hitchhiker at 3:49.

There are so many details in James’ riding that are second to none; check the ender at 4:37. Going back for my fifth watch of this before I post it, this is already a classic in my mind.

I’m a big fan of the multiple angles in this as well as the black and white, which give this a fresh feel compared to his previous edits.

6 thoughts on “Must Watch: James White / Pivitski

  1. That was amazing! Bit of a renaissance for Whiteski! Love how some of those pivots should need a scuff to go forwards at that speed, but he just makes it happen with the push through the switch. Art.

  2. That DOUBLE stubble duck / body varial would be hard to do on a damn STATIONARY Peleton bike…… with 10 inch long / 5 inch diameter pegs ,haha……This is so rad and I’ve been ” visually tasting ” it for days . All this ” Freeze , ” rolling style of flatland riding ,I’m digging. The crazy whiplash , hitchhiker , around the bars , cross footed ……just all this madness , I’m all for it. Well executed Whiteski !

  3. This edit is so progressive , and so FREESTYLE @ the same time. I love that it’s in black and white , reminds me of Ring The Gack , the iconic BMX video work of Ellsworth ” Ells Bells ” Watson. Also James is back in tip top physical shape ,( I see those abs , bruv ! ) , being as creative on his bike as ever ,turning a ” blind eye ” to anything that’s ” in vogue ” in BMX Flatland these days and proving that his ” canvas ” of riding will be as remembered as riders like Ron Wilkerson , Dave Vanderspek , r.i.p. ,Giannis Caternellis , Eddie Roman , Akira Okamura , Elchiro Wantanabee , Akio Kotani , and Neil Blender ( skate boarder. ) will be remembered over the years………. and I was just watching and vibing to his last edit and……..Ka-BLAZAM. He drops this……..MUST WATCH indeed ……again. Even Nemesis is one of my all time favorite BMX Flatland edits of Jame’s career ………because of it’s factual , real life trial -video documentary of chasing one’s dream line/ trick . Thank you , James , Big-E , and FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM…..

  4. All his crazy N.B.D.s from 3.07 to 3.54 minutes……..these around the bar , step/ whiplash cross , rebate , hitchhiker ” freeze ” lines ……COMPLETE control……..damn , bruv. This is going make it hard to vote already ,for edit of 2024. Looks to me this is a definite contender..

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