Sebastian Grubinger: Never Lost But Found

Sebastian hit me up this morning, asking what he would do with this footage. Put it out on Instagram and Youtube I replied. Here’s what Sebastian had to say:

“Recently found a CD with old files on at home. Surprisingly riding clips I totally forgot about. Not sure what what we filmed for back then. Must have been around 2005/06. Filmed by Markus Redlberger in Linz(A), Ajka(H) and Vienna. Good times & great memories!”

2 thoughts on “Sebastian Grubinger: Never Lost But Found

  1. Someone had some hidden hammers ! Grubinger’s half hiker turbine/ Dave dusted ,step over to crack packer , step back / Dave dusted steam…….and then repeating it , was the SEEEZZZZ ( meaning so sick and unexpected.) ……and the backward half packer , pivot to cross steam , so good, too. This entire edit rules. Thank you , Big-E for posting. Grubinger drops some heavy stuff in here . I’m stoked he found it and shared for our viewing pleasure….Heresy BMX ruling always….

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