George Manos: Dragpazen

There is much to be admired about George Manos riding, the man does what he wants and doesn’t follow what anyone else does. This “Dragpazen” edit gave me the feel of a survellience camera watch George’s section, I always really liked the experimental feel where tricks aren’t necessarily finished, but he’s showing his sketchbook of ideas. True artist.

2 thoughts on “George Manos: Dragpazen

    • Totally agree ! I was waiting for this one from Manos . I LOVE this , everything about it . The fact that it’s a ” raw ” edit showing him just riding , just riding and going through his process not forcing anything …..just riding , some jibs , some of his signature hammers mixed in , new variations , cruising around , the fence bonk , just swaying around ,vibing in the moment of his session ! Loving the sounds , the dark setting …..George’s edits remind me of Ellsworth ELLS BELLS Watsons’ early BMX videos . Which I’m a huge fan of and have most of them on V.H.S. . I’ve watched this several times , shared it on my F.B. page and am very stoked on this. Thank you , Manos and Big -E for posting this. These moves that George does are not only his own……..they’re also extremely difficult ! Fenton , your riding is the same exact way…….you could take some of your 2004 , 2002 , 2000 , and 2001 backwards lines with all those crazy crack packer , side and back packer , pivot / switch , step over variations………..and all that stuff will STAND UP today in 2024……..don’t even get me started on your iconic lines that were years and years and years AHEAD of the brakeless game in E-Clipse ………and THAT was in damn early 2000 !

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