Chris Young & Pete Brandt: Clocktower Sessions

Two Flatland Assassins, Chris Young & Pete Brandt took over the Clocktower in San Francisco, California recently for a session in the Fall whilst Chris was in town. Flatland is all about different styles, and friends pushing each other, and this comes through right here with Chris’ glass smooth flow across the granite marble riding surface, and Pete’s attack mode on both and front/back wheel make this one a fun watch, look out for Pete’s last line at 2:58!

Joe Cicman: Like Heaven 2022

It’s Flatland Assassin Friday today on FM, first up this great edit from Flatland Meme master, Joe Cicman! Joe is a master of multiple hitch jugglers, multiple Jaffa whips (love the line at 1:57!), and looks like he’s been putting in a lot of work dialling in his original lines at the Terradome this past year. I’ve often thought about having an edit with one set camera angle, Joe’s done. Kudos Mr Cicman, go watch this one!

Kio Hayakawa: Nora Cup Flatlander of the Year 2022

Great edit to celebrate Kio Hayakawa winning the Nora Cup Flatlander of the Year award with input from some of the riders that vote for Kio. Well watch watching this one for Kio’s riding footage and James White’s amazing speech if you missed it on Instagram!

Congratulations once again Kio!

Must Watch: Giannis Caternellis / Freestyler #120

120 Freestyler edits from the prolific Giannis Caternellis, this one kept through the system until now. What a treat from Giannis, that opening line is absolutely bonkers in difficulty level alone, and made me ponder a question I would like to ask the flatland community. If a rider is doing a combination of tricks that no one else touches yet its been done before in parts but combo’ed differently. Is that original?
The backpacker jump to hitch and then one footed hitch at around the 3:15 mark is ridiculous and its a good case in point. So much take in here, a definite Must Watch for your Sunday feed!

Yuo Hayakawa: 11 Years Old / Far East Cycles Rider

It’s so good to see the next generation of flatlander coming through the ranks, Yuo Hayakawa just came through with a banging new edit. This kid has a bright future ahead of him, the ride in to caboose at the 1:15 mark is wild. Kio’s younger brother has mad skills…. Go watch this one right now!