Mainichi: Clips from 2023

Starting the year of with two posts already from Japan, is that a sign of things to come? Mainichi comes through with this annual edit documenting his progression, great to see some underground footage from the land of the rising sun.

One thought on “Mainichi: Clips from 2023

  1. Thank you , Big-E . Giving this cat some shine . Mainichi rips ! His Mc circle jump over to single kick side yard / half packer , then switching hands to body varial , landing to a turbine switch hand steam is killa – tech . I’ve followed this cat for a while now . He’s always in the mix on his bike , along with uploading a ton of footage from just about every contest , jam and session all over Japan . Loving his Karl , pivot drop to turbine hitchhiker as well . Solid rider …..

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