Flatmattersonline 2023 Year End Awards: Line of Year Contenders

As promised, here’s a glimpse of some contenders for the Flatmattersonline 2023 Year End Awards. These are just a few highlights from FM Instagram and standout edits. The complete list would be too lengthy.
Check out #flatmattersonlinelineoftheyear2023 on instagram for more videos. Happy voting and enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Flatmattersonline 2023 Year End Awards: Line of Year Contenders

    • Thanks Todd! Brandon’s feedback last year stuck in my head, if you check the hashtag on Instagram there’s a few more. It took longer than it should!

      • Hey, thank you very much for this! It really helps to bring so much incredible riding back to mind. So many different styles, this is going to be tough!

  1. These are some SICK, SICK contenders ! However……….Effraim and ALL readers . I just uploaded my video entry for LINE OF THE YEAR 2023 . This time focusing more on difficulty and harder tricks . Such as Floating Kerry -Ks , pedal stance E-squeak -bar flips, 360 bar flips , jumping over the bar ,bar flips , crack packers ,etc ,etc…….sprinkled all throughout the entire combo ! I figured since the level of every rider was SO high……I’d try and do hard tricks AND a long combo ,all in one ,together. ( the combo is STILL 34 MINUTES ! ) Getting the medal for hype man was cool …….HOWEVER…….LINE OF THE YEAR ??!! THAT’S what I’m talking about ! Anyone that knows me KNOWS I’m ALL ABOUT LONG COMBOS , so I HAD to take a shot @ this title , I HAD to ! The video is on Facebook and the BMX Youtube channel titled , Scumward BMX …..also , I sent it to Effraim / FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM ….I REALLY had to go in for this one ,as some of these tricks , flips I haven’t really sessioned since riding @ the Flatland Voodoo Jam 2015 , all hyped up because I was riding in front of Uuchie , Masashi Itani , Matthias Dandois , and all the other riders from Japan ! I ask EVERY reader on here that voted for my hype man medal last year to REALLY watch this combo and consider the hard tricks AND the fact it’s being done in a LONG combo. This took some work however JESUS had me held up ,his ” puppet strings ” ……HUGE thanks to him , Effraim , all the readers on here and most of all FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM…..THANK YOU and keep it SLLLLLAAAAAAAMMMMED . ( meaning keep it rad ! )

  2. I hadn’t heard of Takato Moriya before, but damn that line was wild!!

    I agree with Todd, this little edited video is much appreciated. Just like the rest of your efforts on this site! I really enjoyed the soundtrack too!

    Thanks E! Happy holidays!

    • Thanks trevor! Yes there’s a lot of riders without edits so unless your really digging on Instagram you might not see them. Easy to go through the social media radar totally get that.
      Thanks for the kind words, Brandon Fenton’s feedback gave me the motivation to do it!

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