7 thoughts on “TJ Perry: New Clip

  1. SO GOOD…….turbine steam fire whip …..jump to double footed front yard roll………then step over whip into side packer after that ! Always rad seeing T.J.’s garage clips . Thanks , Big-E for the post. I met and rode in a five man jam circle with T.J. @ the 2012 Texas Toast post jam @ the O.G. sesh spot in A.T.X……..really cool cat and of course a serious shredder on a bike. He won Expert ( should of entered Pro ! ) after not being on his bike for MONTHS before that event. He was one of the first cats along with Frank Lucas , Viki who was WIRED @ the fire whip catch to side packer game ( kickless. ) way back in 2008ish. T.J. was to me a prodigy who just got better and better ………and better . Props to him , still pushing !

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