Wethepeople/Eclat: The Jackal Titanium Line

Wethepeople/Eclat are on it this year with updates, and Dave over at WTP HQ in Cologne just got in contact with more details on the The Jackal Titanium Line that dropped on IG last week..

What started as a casual conversation with our flatland team riders about basic frame/fork geometry, later exploded into a two-year quest to create a super lightweight and modern flatland frame and fork fully built from Titanium alloy.

Hand crafted by one of the highest quality Titanium fabricators in the industry, the Wethepeople Jackal Frame is a contemporary flatland frame built to shed as much weight as possible without adversely affecting the durability. With Titanium being a vastly different material to Chromoly, we decided to take a more methodical approach and learn exactly how to use the material safely and wisely allowing us to keep all the weight benefits without sacrificing the overall rigidity and feel of the frame.

Our first ever Titanium frame (so this one had to be done right) will be built to incredibly high tolerances and quality standards. Whilst there may be marginally lighter titanium flatland frames on the market, the Jackal Frame is in our eyes a step above and beyond the normal application of this special material in BMX and caters to the benefits and special properties the material naturally offers. Up to 30% We decided to go with a more progressive, modern frame geometry borrowed from our Utopia Hybrid frame, with strength and stiffness being a priority. The first run of frames will be available in both a 19” toptube and a 20” toptube, with no brake mounts for the first batch.

Up to 35% lighter than an equivalent chromoly frame, whether you’re looking to ride an incredibly light and durable handmade BMX frame or simply own a masterpiece of a bike, the Jackal Frame is something truly special.

To match the Jackal Frame we thought it was only fit to develop a all-new flatland-specific fork also made out of Grade 9 Ti-3A-2.5V Titanium tubing.

Built to match the same quality, workmanship standards and tolerances as the Frame, the éclat Jackal Fork is a true work of art. Designed with heavy input from the éclat flatland team, we created a titanium fork which you can really trust your riding with. Much like the frame, rather than taking the thinnest/lightest tubing available, we wanted to craft a fork which really was worth the significant investment. The Jackal fork is up to 30% lighter than it’s chromoly counterpart, whilst still offering a super tough and dependable ride. Available in both a 0mm and 10mm offset version, whether you’re looking to ride the lightest setup possible or tune your bike to a whole new level, the éclat Jackal Fork is something truly special.

The Wethepeople Jackal Frame and éclat Jackal Fork will be available separately and in very limited quantities later this Summer from Wethepeople and éclat dealers worldwide. For more information and to pre-order these products please contact your Wethepeople/eclat dealer of choice.

Check out all the specs and other details over on the WTP site.


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