FLAT SYSTEM 009: Tech tips on the Far East Freecoaster.

Here’s the word from Dub on Flat System 009, do you use a Far East free coaster? This episode is for you!

“It’s been a minute since the last episode, but better late than never so here we go again! So this episode of FLAT SYSTEM is more of a tech tip than a podcast or wtv these things are called!. Since many riders are now using the FEC Freecoaster hub as their engine of choice, especially in Flatland, it is my duty to make small tech tip videos on taking care of that engine! This one is about how to change your pawls and springs on the hub when you start having too much slippage! Let me know what you think, if this helps, or not and if you have any questions or suggestions on the next episode! You can find IGI and FEC parts information at www.igibmx.com, or on instagram at @igiflatbmx.”

Hiroya Morizaki starts Crown!

HUGE news today from Japan, one of the best riders in the game. Hiroya Morizaki just started his own bike brand, over to Hiroya!

“I just started a new bike brand, Crown. First, let me introduce the new sample that just arrived.
The first frame is based on Delta, which I used to design for Quamen Bikes, a California-based BMX frame company back in 2005, and improved the design suitable for the modern flatland needs.

The fork is initially designed for the Garuda frame of Aresbikes but pursing as small a clearance as possible and shortens the length of the fork for the best possible usability at doing various types of tricks, front and back tricks, rolling, and spinning.
Every detail of geometries results from numerous tries and errors over two years. I’ll keep testing until the release, although the production schedule is still up in the air due to the COVID situation. Stay tuned!

Logo designd by Yuta Takahashi.

Flat System 008: Olympics BMX, Flat Queens, IGI Backwoods Jam

It’s been a while since any updates, I have rushed off my feet with the success of Declan Brooks in the Olympics taking a bronze medal! Let’s get back to it, with Dub’s latest Flat System video which dropped last week. Dub discusses the Olympics, getting more female riders involved, Flat Queens, and the IGI Backwoods Jam. Love that Dub is doing this regularly! Tune in, good vibes right here!

MKF “LUCID” Titanium frame!

Martti Kuoppa is the latest to join the Titanium frame marketing in flatland, offering the MKF Lucid Frame to order, read on for more details.

TT: 19.5″ or 19″
CS: 12.9″ or 12.8″
HT angle: 75
ST angle: 72
Standover height: 8.5″
Weight: 1.4kg
Price: 1500€ + shipping

Here’s the word from Martti Kuoppa:

Been riding one for awhile now and it is incredibly reactive and makes things much easier for my body as aging body can sometimes have problems due to riding on a heavier bike.

If you are interested in getting one, please let me know and we can talk about the details then. The production will be based on the demand only and I won´t have frames in stock. Many pro riders are switching on to titanium frames these days. Don´t miss out the benefits of the lightweight frames, and get yours now! If you are interested in buying one of these you can contact me via email.

Email contact:

Limited Edition Ti Bizhouse Pivotal Bolt

Lighten your ride, Bizhouse just shared this FM exclusive with us!!

Whilst the Flatmattersonline exclusives have dried up currently, I was stoked to hear from Shawn White over at Bizhouse HQ this morning.
The great news is Bizhouse is still out there, and Shawn continues to make Niche flatland parts no matter how small in order to make your bike ride better.
Cause in point right here: I never really paid attention to excess weight as such:

But why not lighten up your ride with little things like your Pivotal bolt, it all adds up!

Shout out to Bizhouse!!

Hit up Shawn for one of these limited edition Ti Bizhouse Pivotal Bolts:

email: bizhouse@bizhouse.com

Viking BMX Ti Frame for Andrew Faris

Some of you may be old enough to remember Andrew Faris rocking the lightweight Aluminum Schwinn Azrael frame back in the day, today there’s an exciting announcement that Viking BMX have just made a Ti frame for the man himself. As well as the frame news, it’s exciting to hear Andrew is still riding. More news to come I’m sure…

Specs below:

TT: 20,25″
CS: 12,9″
HT angle: 75
ST angle: 72
BB Height: 11,72″
Standover Height: 8,5″
Weight: 1,3 KG