Terry Adams & Mickey Gaidos launch Majide Bikes

Big news yesterday, lifelong friends Terry Adams & Mickey Gaidos joined forces to start a new bike company after Terry announced the day before he would no longer be using the Deco frame just parts.

Majide Bikes is born, US made frames, pre order on frames is available right now from Flatland Fuel only.

Frame Made in the USA.

Sizes (4 different toptube lengths)
18.5 , 19 , 19.5 , & 20.5


  • 75 degree headtube 
  • 71 degree seat tube
  • 13.25″ chainstay
  • 7” Standover Height
  • Sizes: 18.9″ or 19.5″
  • 14mm dropout slots
  • 11.85 BB height
  • Removable 990 tabs
  • Mid Bottom Bracket
  • Built-in chain tensioners
  • Weight: 18.9”: 4.25lb/1.93kg; 19.5”: 4.31lb/1.95kg

The two colors we are going to offer are
-Raspberry pink &


7 thoughts on “Terry Adams & Mickey Gaidos launch Majide Bikes

  1. Really …..like , really ?! ( I think that’s what majide means in Japanese . ) This rules and is proof that I can keep a secret I was told, last March . Lol………These frames look very good , colors , geometry ,etc….STOKED for these cats . Progressing the sport with their riding . Now progressing the sport with rad products. Everyone should jump in on this . Can’t wait for a new edit from mi amigos slamming down their signature lines aboard their new steeds……hell , yeah …..I’m thinking too far ahead . However for a future team of riders……I’m shouting out Terry and Mickey select Giannis Caternellis , Bobby Burge , and Khaled Huerta ……..MAJIDE !

  2. Is S&M, Standard or Profile contracted to do the manufacturing? Really curious as to who or what other companies out there are willing and able to produce quality frames in America. Really stoked on the news. Congrats to Terry and Mickey!

      • Thank you. Didn’t think to look at the flatlandfuel link because i wasn’t shopping for anything at the moment. Thought all the same info would’ve been here. Yet another lesson on making making assumptions. That’s super rad it’s all being done by the hands of bmx riders. Motherfuckin’ FBM! DOIN IT FOR ALBERT ST.! hahaha legendary.

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