Jean William Prevost wins AFA Round 1 in Tulsa, Oklahoma + Full Results

Round 1 of the 2023 AFA Series kicked off this weekend in Tula, Oklahoma at the Hall of Fame venue. And by all accounts, the level of riding went off. Congratulations to all the winners, Jean William Prevost in Pro, Bobby Burge in Master, Larry Grinder in Expert, Peeps Chris Germain in Olds Cool, and Greg Mobley in Beginner.
If anyone has the runs, please feel to share.

1. Jean William Prévost
2. Terry Adams
3. Art Thomason
4. Jean Francois Boulianne
5. Omari Cato
6. Mickey Gaidos
7. Dax Wolford
8. Will Redd
9. Bobby Burge
10. James McGraw
11. Dave Nourie
12. Cesar Rangel
13. Claude Hickman
14. Joe Cicman

1. Bobby Burge
2. Bryan Huffman
3. Todd Carter
4. Ed Jodie
5. EZ Chris Anderson

1. Larry Grinder
2. Matt Clark
3. Troy Hebert
4. Kelly Baldwin
5. Russell Gish
6. Jeremy Jones
7. Dillan Parada
8. Ezra Patten
9. Chris Ehliser

Old’s Cool.
1. Peeps Chris Germain
2. David LaRocca
3. John Maloney
4. Gary Clark
5. Danny Harrison
6. Clint Majors

1. Greg Mobley
2. AJ Moloney
3. Dylan Martin
4. Caleb Jones
5. Tyler Powell
6. Monique Baldwin
7. Coda McGraw

4 thoughts on “Jean William Prevost wins AFA Round 1 in Tulsa, Oklahoma + Full Results

    • Your comment really stokes me , Dub . Knowing / being comrades with Bobby for decades and seeing him being on top and with the times of flatland in 1988 . ( turbine hang fives ! ) Then seeing him exit the sport to create / start his own business , get it running and successful , not even touching his bike from 1990 till 2004ish . That was only riding for an hour, ONCE a year , riding flatland , brakeless on a cruiser. ( he’s always been brakeless though . ) Fast forward to 2014ish and Bobby jumped right back in the mix ,switched to a 20 inch London set up , got all of his old tricks back and started riding bikes with Will Redd. Less than 5 months he was progressing , learning like wild and forging his very riding style . Bobby started SLLLLLLAAAMMMMING it down in contests as everyone knows . Whooping azz and taking very prestigious names in flatland ……Effraim informed me what I had tried to tell him for 2 and a half years ” Bobby , ya really need to ride in the pro class .” after that we have all seen just what he’s bringing to the BMX flatland table . Thing is he’s on his third wind ……when these two videos drop. Riders are going to be in for a real visual treat , watching all of his new N.B.D. , with originality no less .Again , thank you , Dub for your words . You, yourself are one of the greatest to ever rip a bicycle and pavement to pieces ( front wheel , also ! ) with total magic , relentless hard work and the vision to revolutionize what riders ever thought was possible on a bike . Salud on your 2nd victory , Dub . I.G.I. , more like Y.G.I. ( you got it ! ) , as in sewing up the contest wins for the entire year…….thanks for posting the full results , Effraim and encouraging Bobby !

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