Hang 5 Podcast Episode 43: Yu Shoji

Francois over at Hang 5 Podcast just dropped episode 43 with Japanese powerhouse, Yu Shoji!

“For this episode, I sat down with a 22 years old Japanese shredder taking the contest scene by storm. He is the 2023 pro flatland champion and currently sitting in 3rd place in this year’s ranking. He calls Moto Sasaki his mentor. Rides both front and backwheel. Does a whole bunch of crazy jumps. He is a ball of energy and yet shows a high level of maturity. This is a bit of a short episode taped while we were in Montreal for Urban Games in late March. I give you Mr Yu Shoji.”


Hang 5 Podcast: Episode 42 with Dan Hennig

Episode 42 of the Hang 5 Podcast just dropped with one of the raddest dudes in the game, over to Francois and his guest… Dan Hennig.

“For this episode, we go to the old continent and the neutral country of Switzerland where our guest has settled down. Originally from Germany, he has been riding for over 20 years. A fixture of the Euro scene, he is also attending most of the World cups events. Working part time, riding full time. We discuss his roots, his journey, his approach to competitions, living healthy, having a private riding spots, his views on the sport, what the future has in store for him and so much more. I truly enjoyed discussing with Mr Dan Hennig.”


Hang 5 Podcast Episode 41: Darin Wright & the One Love Jam

“If there is one event you do not want to miss on the Flatland BMX calendar, it is One Love Jam!  Held every January during the Martin Luther King long weekend in Newport Beach California, it attracts every generation of riders from near and far.  All eager to escape the dreadful winter and shred a cool spot on the beach with the homies. I asked long time organiser Darin Wright a few questions about the jam and proceeded to ask a few riders what they think of the jam. Enjoy!”


Julien Baran: Hang 5 Podcast / Episode 40

Today it’s the turn of Julien Baran on the Hang 5 Podcast hot seat. Julian is a young flatland prodigy from Normandy, France taking on the contest scene by storm.
Tech links on both front and back wheel, supported by We The People and Les 3 Roux BMX shop. Studying communication.
Wise beyond his years, this is the story of Julien Baran.


Gary Pollak: BMX Banter Podcast

Jon Dowker & Anthony Berardi just came through with an amazing guest for their latest BMX Banter Podcast, really looking forward to tuning into this one. Winter is definitely a good time for podcasts, congratulations to the guys on just passing 10k downloads on the podcast.

Gary Pollak was part of the King of Prussia, Pennsylvania BMX scene and considered a quasi Plywood Hood. Featured in early Dorkin’ In York videos & known as a great all-around rider competing in both AFA and 2 Hip Vert & street comps.
He is the inventor of the Pinky Squeak. He rode for CW in the mid-80’s and toured with likes of Ceppie Mays, Dizz Hicks and MacGoo.He later rode for GT touring with Martin Aparijo, Josh White and trials rider Hans Ray. He also did the Dan Up! tour with Matt Hoffman, Dennis McCoy and Rick Moliterno!

Now a family man and living in New Jersey with his wife and daughter and still riding BMX.

Tune in here:


Omari Cato: Hang 5 Podcast / Episode 39

For this episode we go down to the Lone Star State to speak with one of the rising stars of BMX Flatland, Omari Cato. We discuss his roots from the rural roads to Pro rider, his early heroes, becoming a teacher, starting a community flatland school, competing locally and internationally, his view on the American flatland scene, judging contests, the future and so much more.


Brandon Fenton: BMX Banter Podcast

For many of us, winter is fast approaching and there is more time in the day to listen to podcasts and what not. With that being said, the latest episode of the BMX Banter podcast just dropped with Brandon Fenton.

I just got done listening to this episode this morning, great to hear Brandon’s story, his early riding stories, how he met Chase Gouin, filming eclips with Chase, moving to Toronto, an interesting conversation about where flatland is at and a whole lot more.

When you have the time, this is worth tuning in for