Hang 5 Podcast Episode 31 with Pete Brandt

While in Houston for the Jam Circle contest in Feb 2023, Francois got a chance to sit down with legendary Nor-Cal shredder Pete Brandt. We discuss his BMX roots, his influences, his tricks, his bikes, contests, travels, shows, his views on the sport and so much more.

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Aude Cassagne: Hang 5 Podcast Episode 30

It’s time for episode 30 of the Hang 5 Podcast, Francois sat down with the current female flatland world champion, French shredder Aude Cassagne. Currently residing in the famous wine town of Bordeaux.
While she started riding a long time ago, Aude had put her bike down while attending Med school. She is a doctor whose specialty consists of diagnosing potentially cancerous cells. In 2022, she picked up her bike and took the scene by storm. Winning the world championships in Abu Dhabi, getting on the Heresy team and winning the reader’s choice award for best female rider on Flatmatters. Here is her story:


Jody Temple BMX Banter Podcast

Photo: Denver Llewellyn.

Have you come across the BMX Banter Podcast? Hosted by the Duke, Jon Dowker and Anthony Berardi…this episode they catch up with Jody Temple.

Did you enjoy Jody’s Unscripted part I posted the other day? Well it’s time to get to know the man who’s had so many great video parts over the years.

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FLAT SYSTEM 009: Tech tips on the Far East Freecoaster.

Here’s the word from Dub on Flat System 009, do you use a Far East free coaster? This episode is for you!

“It’s been a minute since the last episode, but better late than never so here we go again! So this episode of FLAT SYSTEM is more of a tech tip than a podcast or wtv these things are called!. Since many riders are now using the FEC Freecoaster hub as their engine of choice, especially in Flatland, it is my duty to make small tech tip videos on taking care of that engine! This one is about how to change your pawls and springs on the hub when you start having too much slippage! Let me know what you think, if this helps, or not and if you have any questions or suggestions on the next episode! You can find IGI and FEC parts information at www.igibmx.com, or on instagram at @igiflatbmx.”

Episode 29: The Hang 5 Podcast with Hector Garcia & Jerry Milborn

For the latest episode, Francois Debroux sat down with Hector Garcia and Jerry Milborn, the organizers of the upcoming Jam Circle. A unique flatland event taking place in Houston next February. We discuss flatland of course but also what it takes to run such an event, the logistics, the partners, confirmed riders, what to expect in Houston and much more. Whether or not you plan on being in Texas for that weekend, you should listen to their contagious love for flatland.

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Hang 5 Podcast Episode 27: Anatole Rahain

Episode 27 of the hang 5 Podcast just dropped, over to Francois Debroux to let you know more….

“For this episode, I sat down with French young gun Anatole Rahain. One of the up and coming riders on the pro flatland scene. Anatole has been riding for 10 years, turned pro a couple of years back and has a few international podiums under his belt. A few months back he decided to be a full time rider and is supporting himself through shows and contests winnings. While mostly known as a contest rider, he is also active with the flatland association in his native region of Normandy promoting flatland and with the organization of the annual Astrolab contest. He is hungry, working hard at honing his skills and wants to take flatland to new heights. Here is his story.”

https://www.buzzsprout.com/1164767/11450798 – or your favourite streaming platform.

Hang 5 Podcast: Episode 26 / Travis Collier

Episode 26 of the Hang 5 Podcast just dropped with Travis Collier, over to Francois Debroux and TC!

“For this episode, we travel to New York state where Vancouver native Travis Collier is now residing. Growing up in the Vancouver Flatland scene of the late 90’s, Travis went to make a big impact on the flatland world with his unique style. One of the, if not the first one to use the pumping technique during combos. A very creative mind, he also designed some flatland products still in use today. After a successful pro career, he went on to found a design agency. That eventually led him to relocate to New York and work with some famous liquor brands.
Here is his story.”


Hang 5 Podcast: Episode 25 with Jamie Mcintosh

Episode 25 of the Hang 5 Podcast just dropped with Canadian flatland powerhouse, Jamie Mcintosh. One of the few riders on the global flatland scene that had quad decades pretty dialled, and so much more. Listening to this podcast now, and you should be too!