Hang 5 Podcast: Chris Young Episode 37

It’s time for episode 37 of the Hang 5 Podcast, listen to Chris Young’s story.

“Our guest today is a lifelong flatland rider. We discuss his BMX roots, meeting the legendary Plywood Hoods, becoming part of the crew, riding hard, turning pro, being in the early X games, having to make difficult choices to take care of his family, reconnecting with the scene after many years and competing again, battling injuries, launching Flatland Assassins as a way to give back to the community, the evolution of the scene between then and now, organizing FA Battlegrounds and so much more. Go listen to the passion and get stoked!”


Varo Hernandez: Hang 5 Podcast Episode 36

Tomorrow I fly out to Glasgow, Scotland for the UCI Worlds. Francois just dropped a new episode of the Hang 5 Podcast featuring Varo Hernandez from Madrid, Spain for us all digest…. Good stuff Francois and Varo!

“Growing up in Madrid, our guest today started his BMX journey hustling in the streets of the Spanish capital with his crew of misfits. He soon discovered his love for flatland.
Over the next decade or so, he started to compete, moved to Abu Dhabi to do shows, was one of the first riders on the Martti Kuoppa program, became a product tester for WTP, opened a BMX flatland school in Madrid and got a ride on the Fly bikes program with the aim on working on a flatland specific line. this is the story of Varo Hernandez.”


Hang 5 Podcast: Episode 33 with Terry Adams & Mickey Gaidos

The story of 2 lifelong friends from Louisiana. From humble beginnings riding together over 25 years ago, constantly practicing their skills, pushing each other, travelling together to events, and now starting a bike company together. In their own words: Blood, sweat and tears with Terry Adams and Mickey Gaidos. Enjoy this episode!


Effraim Catlow: BMX Banter Podcast

Photo: Mate’ Hocopan.

It’s not often I promote myself on the site. A few weeks ago I caught up with Jon Dowker and Anthony Berardi for a chat for an episode of the BMX Banter podcast.

We discuss my roots in riding, the U.K. scene, why I run Flatmattersonline, competing across the globe for thirty years, my new edit, plus my views on so many rider related topics such as Instagram vs Videoparts, and much more.


Hang 5 Podcast Episode 32: Sietse Van Berkel

Francois Debroux introduces Episode 32 of the hang 5 Podcast….

“For this episode I sat down with smooth rolling Sietse Van Berkel from Holland.
He has been in the game for 20 years and slowly but surely cemented his place among the elite with a win at Master of Creativity in 2018 and now being invited in events such as RedBull Circle of Balance and the Japan X Games. Lots of insights into his philosophy and vision for our artform.
PS – due to some unfortunate technical issues, the sound might be low at times, I recommend you use headphones for listening to this episode.”


Hang 5 Podcast Episode 31 with Pete Brandt

While in Houston for the Jam Circle contest in Feb 2023, Francois got a chance to sit down with legendary Nor-Cal shredder Pete Brandt. We discuss his BMX roots, his influences, his tricks, his bikes, contests, travels, shows, his views on the sport and so much more.

Hit the link below to tune in:


Aude Cassagne: Hang 5 Podcast Episode 30

It’s time for episode 30 of the Hang 5 Podcast, Francois sat down with the current female flatland world champion, French shredder Aude Cassagne. Currently residing in the famous wine town of Bordeaux.
While she started riding a long time ago, Aude had put her bike down while attending Med school. She is a doctor whose specialty consists of diagnosing potentially cancerous cells. In 2022, she picked up her bike and took the scene by storm. Winning the world championships in Abu Dhabi, getting on the Heresy team and winning the reader’s choice award for best female rider on Flatmatters. Here is her story: