Omari Cato: Hang 5 Podcast / Episode 39

For this episode we go down to the Lone Star State to speak with one of the rising stars of BMX Flatland, Omari Cato. We discuss his roots from the rural roads to Pro rider, his early heroes, becoming a teacher, starting a community flatland school, competing locally and internationally, his view on the American flatland scene, judging contests, the future and so much more.

4 thoughts on “Omari Cato: Hang 5 Podcast / Episode 39

  1. Omari had the best soccer coach ever! From a rider’s perspective that is. Awesome interview gentlemen. Always cool to hear other rider’s stories and history.

  2. Really cool and really good insights. Also cool to hear about how much work one would have to put in to make riding schools possible and also the local tournament concept. I hope Omari makes it to the level he wants, where he takes on the top Japanese and European riders!

  3. But can we have a round of applause to the Hang 5 podcast Francois Debroux for going this long!! Most flatland podcasts dont make to 5 episodes for whatever reason. And I hope we get another 39 episodes! Thank you !!

  4. I love his seat stance- turbine rockets , stubble ducks and flowing back wheel lines. Good on Omari for being a rad BMX coach , teacher and road bike racer . Gracias , Fan / Hang Five podcast . Another one and done !

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