Giannis Caternellis: Freestyler #122

Time flies, Gianni is celebrating nine years of the Freestyler series with this wild, experimental edit. When was the last time you saw someone take off there seat/seatpost mid combo? How about a no footed backpacker? You might want to watch this one, congratulations Giannis on such a vast tricktionary that doesn’t follow any current trends.

16 thoughts on “Giannis Caternellis: Freestyler #122

  1. Huge thanks Effraim for sharing and for your nice words.This year I focused more on signature moves and to make longer lines with those tricks….Again cheers for the props Big E!!!

  2. MUST WATCH………knee rocket to Lung spin , quick junk yard -single kick , drop to cross ice cream……body varial , single kick to fudge packer / no handed-fudge packer . One handed -legged hitchhiker , stepped over to cliffhanger spin…….wasn’t expecting the seat post release ……FREESTYE . I love little quirks like this. Shows he’s having fun and also ,I bet that took more than a few tries , looks tricky ! Coming outta that knee-fudge packer line to side step rocket…….I KNEW what was coming…….Giannis has some of the best blenders .( has since early 2004 @ Flat Ground , Amsterdam . ) Double peg grab ,no footed hitchhiker , N.B.D. , straight to a Hi-jacker ! Then……juggle to steam , butter slip to back packer . STOP …..then SUPER MAN stance -back packer . N.B.D. ,as well. Hoodie slag-no handed -one legged hitchhiker to torso stance , peg grab -no footed hitchhiker , N.B.D. Damn , this rules ! I was patiently waiting for Giannis to drop something ,as he NEVER lets down my expectations of his creativity and progression . Thank you , Campeon ( Giannis .) , Effraim ! This made my day . The BMX King of Greece does it yet……..again. The band , Human Rejection .Drummer , George Kollias . BMXers , Giannis , George Manos , Sakis Damis , George Kikos , etc…….there’s something about Greece that produces pure talent in BMX Flatland AND Death Metal music ! Giannis , also loving that you’re lacing up all these creative ,hard moves in longer lines as well…….like I stated earlier ………..MUST WATCH !

    • Gracias hermano!!You can describe my tricks better than me…!!Ahahah!!Love that!!Cheers campeon for your props and for giving back always positive feedback….Thing is,last year after summer I gave soooooo much energy and time on shinride tricks and the first result was in the Freestyler 121 edit….In 2023 I worked more on connecting those shinride new tricks with other original tricks I could say…there is more to do with that concept in the future…All about originality on that moment!!Hehehe!!!

  3. Typo ! I meant …..torso stance , peg grab -no footed STEAM ROLLER …..cheers , Giannis . You’re one of the best to ever ride BMX Flatland….always looking forward to your riding and KNOWING that you’ve always got something in store on your bike , for the masses to see and stoke on…….hell yeah !

  4. This one was wild. Giannis you’re a monster. So many crazy concepts and variations that most people would only theoretically consider. And you’re just going out and adding them onto your already heavily stacked tricktionary! Props and mad respect as always. Thanks again for documenting. Ride on brother.

  5. Yo Brent thank you so much for your motivational words!!Trying not to follow any general trend like only back wheel tricks or brakeless or anything else,the road led me on that result…freestyle with whatever comes to mind…I don’t have any stress,I have nothing to prove anymore….I just be myself and…whoever likes it!!!Cheers brother for your love and keep shredding you too….the best are coming!!!

    • Thank you very much Brandon for noticing.I am sick off fast riding style and spinning all over the place…Rolling is easier for the eye I believe also…Cheers Mr. E-clips!!You inspired me a lot with the rolling style back in the day…Keep rolling!!!

  6. Some crazy and hardcore stuffs in here!
    Congratulations Giannis! Always pushing yourself!
    Your originality never stops, really cool to see!

    • Merci renaud!!Just trying to keep learning constantly new tricks and this method leads me mostly on originality as you mentioned….and yes….it never stops!!Keep riding hard as you do my brother!!Salute!!

  7. This video was a heater. SO many rad tricks. I think that Rodney’s response is the appropriate one!

    The seat thing made me chuckle a bit too.

    • Thank you Trevor for your motivational comment….There’s so many tricks that haven’t been discovered it’s just crazy….What if I let my imagination lead me to unknown possibilities in flatland??Always been wonder….My brother Rodney said it all….What else can I say???Cheers Trevor!!

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