Gary Pollak: BMX Banter Podcast

Jon Dowker & Anthony Berardi just came through with an amazing guest for their latest BMX Banter Podcast, really looking forward to tuning into this one. Winter is definitely a good time for podcasts, congratulations to the guys on just passing 10k downloads on the podcast.

Gary Pollak was part of the King of Prussia, Pennsylvania BMX scene and considered a quasi Plywood Hood. Featured in early Dorkin’ In York videos & known as a great all-around rider competing in both AFA and 2 Hip Vert & street comps.
He is the inventor of the Pinky Squeak. He rode for CW in the mid-80’s and toured with likes of Ceppie Mays, Dizz Hicks and MacGoo.He later rode for GT touring with Martin Aparijo, Josh White and trials rider Hans Ray. He also did the Dan Up! tour with Matt Hoffman, Dennis McCoy and Rick Moliterno!

Now a family man and living in New Jersey with his wife and daughter and still riding BMX.

Tune in here: