Repo: Sportszone Hungarian Cup Round 1

Text & photos: Rob Alton.

On April 20th, the new building of Sport Zone SE hosted this year’s first Round of the Hungarian FlatlandCup. As usual, this year competitors rode in the Junior B, Junior, Girls, Master, Elite men’s, Elite women’s and Open categories. We created the Junior B category for those who started cycling not long ago, but love it!

Vince Vági took the first place here, despite his 6-year-old age he dazzled the judges with is charisma and talent. Zsófia Kákonyi finished second, who in September started flatland, then Déri Vince was able to stand on the third step of the podium.

Two from the Junior category stepped up and competed in the Master category. Because of this, the result also took a new turn. This year, Péter Kádár took first place.Peti has developed a lot in the past period and won with stylish pinky squeak combinations. He was followed by Máté Mondics, who did some nice tricks on both the front and back wheels and brought Árpád Bíró his first podium finish in third place.

In the Girls category, Eszter Várkonyi was able to stand on the top step of the podium. It’s not the first time Eszter won this category but the first time with a confident front and rear wheel run. The second place went to Noémi Molnár, who already has a great ranking in the BMX park discipline, finished in 2nd place, and proud mother of two kids, Séllei Lilla could stand on the third step of the podium.

The two biggest surprises of the Master category are Levente Thuránszky, who stepped up from the Juniors and Patrik Kriston. Levente started the new category with a win. He dazzled the audience with his particularly difficult crosshanded and rolling tricks. Patrick, pocketed a silver medal, he combines the different techniques in the front and the back wheel very nicely. The work of the judges was extremely difficult, because both youngsters were extremely close! Péter Kardos took third place this time, who in his late 40’s has shown a lot of progress in recent years.

In the Open category, those who appeared only for the love of sport could enter the event, but they did not want to participate in the official licensed competition. The first place was Csaba Bozsó, who despite his knee injury (the reason for not having his license) was able to present a stable run. He was followed on the podium by Tamás Koncsecskó, who used his well-accustomed old-school tricks to dazzled the audience. Czech Filip Votroubek took home the bronze medal.

There were two entrants in the Elite women’s category this time. 16-year-old Veronika Kádár has trained really hard for the last few months and that hard work paid off. Very stable front and rear wheels earned first place with her fast-paced trick lines. Also in a very close fight, Anna Mondics followed her on the podium. Anna rides flatland in a completely different style. She likes to combine rolling and spinning movements and pulled 3-4 completely new tricks. It is going to be very interesting to see these two girls ride at international events in 2024.

Finally, the Elite men’s category followed, where several foreign competitors competed. There was a big fight for the first three places. The Czech champion Martin Drazil demonstrated his usual precisely executed front wheel braking techniques, his first run was almost flawless, so he could stand on the top step of the podium. He was followed by the Spanish rider, Varo Hernandez, who has regularly been in the world’s top 10 in recent years among the biggest names in flatland. Varo brought his usual relaxed and dynamic lines without brakes and fluid style. As the only Hungarian on the podium, Ákos Bordás is not far behind, he could be very proud of his performance and third place. Ákos had two stable runs, with dynamic front-rear wheel jumps and convinced the judges with additional back wheel links.

Overall, the new Sport Zone SE location managed to organize a competition with a very good atmosphere in their new building. It was good to see that thanks to the excellent contest floor, all competitors, and the family feeling made it the perfect day. Congratulations to all competitors and a big thank you to everyone who made it possible.

Junior B

1 Vági Vince 70,00

2 Kákonyi Zsófia Eszter 66,00

3 Déri Vince 56,67

4 Miskolczi Márk 50,00

5 Pásztor Áron 43,33


1 Kádár Péter 88,33

2 Mondics Máté 76,67

3 Bíró Árpád 75,00

4 Kiss-Bősze Andor 71,33

5 Fábián Dániel 58,00

6 Kátai Simon Ákos 57,00

7 Kincse-Séllei Bálint 55,53

8 Weiszhaupt Gergő 50,67


1 Várkonyi eszter 85,00

2 Molnár Noémi 72,67

3 Séllei Lilla 67,67


1 Bózsó Csaba 76,76

2 Koncsecskó Tamás 64,67

3 Filip Votroubek 57,00

4 Zsoldos Andor 55,33


1 Thuránszky Levente 93,50

2 Kriston Patrik 93,33

3 Kardos Péter 73,33

4 Tóth Gábor 68,33

5 Markóth Szabolcs 61,00

6 Lisztes Konrád 41,67

Elite Men

1 Martin Drazil 94,33

2 Varo Hernandez 92,67

3 Bordás Ákos 80,00

4 Kaposvári Martin 57,67

5 Pozsonyi Bence 57,00

6 Adam Pekař 56,67

Elite Women

1 Kádár Veronika 91,00

2 Mondics Anna 89,67

2 thoughts on “Repo: Sportszone Hungarian Cup Round 1

  1. Thank you , Rob Alton. You’re a great rider ( still loving your one man show videos and your backyard solo session videos on your old Vimeo channel. ) and it’s so rad ,you giving back , coaching and raising up the BMX scene in Hungary . You’ve done extremely well for your own riding and the coaching of all riders there. This looks to have been ANOTHER great Sport Zone event and that’s awesome , bruv. Cool write up and I appreciate the post , Effraim. Mad respect to the Hungarian BMX scene……since 1989 till today in 2024. Hope that Pal Gynes and Peter Zabolski are still riding their bikes…….also , again…….you’re STILL ripping lines on your bike , Rob. Salud to you , amigo…

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