Hang 5 Podcast: Episode 45 with Chris Young

For this episode, Francois caught up with Plywood Hood legend Chris Young to see what he has been up to this year and learn more about the highly anticipated Flatland Assassins Battleground Comp taking place in Cleveland early August. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Hang 5 Podcast: Episode 45 with Chris Young

  1. Thank you ,Hang Five Podcast = Fan , O.G. Chris Young , Flat Society=Sean Porter , and Big -E =FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM……….stoked to listen to this . Chris did do the first 360 bar flip that I’m aware of . Cabinet maker -360 flip to elephant glide , early 1995 ..he did it on Release The Grease , Ellsworth ” Ells Bells ” Watson’s BMX video where Chris had lines throughout the video..

      • Bruuuuuuuuv , that’s what I’m hoping. Say a prayer for me ,E !! I’d be STOKED to finally sesh bikes , eat ,chill , catch up ……..and ask you about 2,000 question about your entire tricktionary on your bike , favorite contest runs , every and anything about your entire BMX career !

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