The 2023 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards: Winners Announced!

Announcing the winners of the 2023 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards in Editorial and Reader Choice categories! Thanks to everyone to took the time to vote – congratulations to all the winners and nominees. It is always a pleasure to host these awards, I’ll be in touch with the winners shortly + interviews with the winners soon.

– Effraim.

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Yu Katagiri & Carin Hommura take the win at Chimera A-side

The Chimera A-side contest in Japan earlier today did not disappoint, heavy line up and heavy riding on the contest floor!

Yu Katagiri was on fire as always, nailing his 360 bikeflip line in the final battle vs Yu Shoji who took second. And Yu Yamamoto in the third place podium position beating Kio Hayakawa.

In the Women’s Class, Carin Hommura dominated and took a well deserved win, followed by Ao Ogawa and Sona Yoshimura ended up in third place.

What an event, level up. Talk about starting 2024 with a bang!

Must Watch: Matsudo Year End Jam 2023

It’s an annual tradition, right at the end of the year the Matsudo locals throw down a jam at their infamous riding spot. Infamous through the Moto Sasaki videos (who sadly isn’t on this one).

As always there is a great variety of riding styles on offer here, some of the highlights of the edit for me are: Takahiro Ikeda two footed spinning death truck body varial out at 1:12, Wild x-up spinning lawnmower body varial to two footed x-foot backyard line at 4:58 by Ren Oshima, Varo Hernandez front to back wheel line at 7:19, Yu Shoji’s Xft opposite hang 5 to xft halfpacker line is amazing around the 7:56 mark, and Ren gets the banger at 8:27.

The flatland community waits for this edit every year, and I guess we should include this in the year end awards talk as it falls in 2023.
Thank you Jimalog, and all the riders involved in this annual jam!
Don’t sleep on this one!

Yu Shoji wins 2023 UCI World Championship in Glasgow

Congratulations to Yu Shoji taking home the rainbow jersey to Japan with a huge win here at the UCI World Championship here in Glasgow, Scotland! Yu was followed on the podium by Kio Hayakawa and Matthias Dandois. Amazing level in the final, with everyone throwing down for the title.

Moto Sasaki & Ayuna Miyashima win Japan Cup Round 2

Congratulations to Moto Sasaki, Yu Katagiri and Yu Shoji top 3 in the Japan Cup that took place in Yokosuka this weekend.

Congratulations to Ayuna Miyashima, Sakura Kawaguchi and Kirara Nakagawa top 3 in the Women’s Class. The level is going up each event with these style cats, good to see Japan having national events for a few years now.

Yu Shoji wins Fise UCI World Cup in Montpellier

What a final! The rain thankfully cleared, Yu Shoji took the top spot today in an epic final, followed on the podium by Kio Hayakawa and Jean William Prevost. Buzzing off the energy this crowd creates here in Montpellier, France. Congratulations to Yu, Kio and Dub.

Watch the finals here: